Thursday, October 25, 2007

All about Harrison

Just because he is a boy doesn't mean he escapes mama's photo shoots...

Random pics

Pumpkin Patch (Harrison was sleeping)

The love

Lily and Randy during our day trip to the mountains

Big sis Lily holding little bro Harrison (he's really not scared of her, just the flash of the camera)

Harrison, 8 weeks old.

Lily's big girl room

Lily's birthday treat she shared at daycare

Lily says "I be 2"

Happy 2nd Birthday Lily!!!!!

Last Saturday Lily entered the fantastic two's. After breakfast we took her into her new big girl room. In the last few weeks she saw us working in there and even helped Randy paint so she wasn't overly excited about the actual room but seriously dropped her blanket and ran to her new desk equipped with fun stool and lots of new crayons and coloring books.

We spent her birthday playing house, coloring and part of the beautiful day outside at her cousin Syd's soccer game.

That night we hosted a dinner party with Joy, Bobby, Payton, Kelsey, Syd and Ted.

Elmo, Elmo and more Elmo...

Happy birthday big girl! We love you so much!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Slap my hands, I've been a bad blogger

Hi, I'm here. My lack of posts can be blamed on family and work. Definitely not MY fault. Just kidding. We did travel across the lovely state of NE that is so full of interesting sights it's hard to sleep to visit our families. Harrison was introduced to my extended family and Lily showed off her walking and talking skills. Our last visit was Christmas 2006 when she was just starting to walk so she has changed a lot since then.

A day visiting family goes something like this...
7AM-9AM wake up, get everyone ready for the day.
9AM-10AM eat breakfast, frequently visiting mom-in-law at work to get a yummy breakfast.
10AM-12PM hang out with one side of the family.
12PM-3PM eat lunch and put Lily down for a nap
3PM-7PM go to other side of the family to hang out and eat dinner
7PM-8PM return to other family and put Lily to bed.

The above schedule is a pretty relaxed day. Other days are like this...
7AM-10AM get up, eat breakfast, bath kids, bath ourselves and visit family.
10AM-11AM visit one set of friends.
11AM-12PM visit another set of friends.
12PM feed Lily lunch.
1PM shop at Scheels for IA gear (love my new IA coffee mug and license plate cover!)
2-4PM Lily's nap time
4PM-8PM travel to other family and visit for the evening.
8PM return to other family to visit and put Lily to bed.

I left out Harrison's schedule but imagine the above schedules mixed with breast feeding every 2-3 hours and about 20,000 diaper changes (a day).

So yes, visiting family requires a vacation. Love you all but goodness it's hard work! On top of all that we never feel like we get enough time with our families. Lily handled all the traveling really well. The last 2 days were starting to wear on her and she was happy to return home. She did excellent on the drive to IA/SD and pretty well on the trip back to CO. Harrison did well both ways. The drive back to CO I spent a great deal of time wedged between the captain chairs, holding a pacifier in Harrison's mouth with one hand and playing with Lily with the other hand. Not safe at all but that's water under the bridge now.

Since returning from our trip my maternity leave has ended. I am officially working full time but thankfully it's from home for 4 weeks before getting my butt back in the office full time. It's only day 2 but I'm loving working at home. I have actually worked and snuck in a load of laundry too. I am grungy...without showering but at least my hair and teeth are brushed.

I know I comment about fall a lot but it's our favorite time of the year in this household. It's absolutely gorgeous around here. Bright yellow Aspen leaves, mixed with orange, red, brown and green. The air is crisp and the sun peaks out most days with a warm feel. We took a family drive to the mountains a few weeks ago. Most of you will see the fun we had in your Christmas cards. Yesterday we went to the pumpkin patch. Unfortunately the weekend long rain didn't make it easy on us. For some reason the pumpkin patch owners didn't feel the need to warn us either. We didn't get stuck but it was really close. Randy sharpened his mud driving skills to the sounds of my giggles mixed with occasional Lily's worries. The mud scared and intrigued her at the same time. After a $13 car wash some mud/clay remains to remind us of our pumpkin patch fun. Our digital camera was full so pumpkin patch pictures will have to wait since I resorted to our "old" camera, you know the kind where you have to take in the film and have it developed. So 5 years ago.