Monday, March 30, 2009

Lily's Easter dress

Because completing this project felt as good as winning an academy award (or what I think it would feel like) I would like to take a moment to thank...

Randy-for allowing me almost an entire Sunday to work on this dress and for helping me when I was frustrated...those darn right sides together throw me for a loop everytime.

Lily-for modeling the top, the skirt, the length and for playing Cinderella with me but never once asking me to stop sewing...we just played while I sewed.

Harrison-for intermittently checking on me in the cold, dark room in the basement and for playing so well by yourself with your cars and dump trucks.

Staci-for pushing me to complete 1 Easter dress while knowing you're sewing 4!

Asha-for introducing me to Portabello Pixie patterns and for inspiring me with your natural sewing talent.

Aunt Susie-for making many holiday dresses for me when I was growing up...I know you're watching from above and I hope your proud!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lily face time

Lily's daily outfit at home is either a Cinderella or Snow White dress. It varies depending on her mood but do not, I repeat, do not suggest she wear pants or leggings under the costume. Don't even think about it. Just go find some tights. Another reason to wish warmer weather was upon us.

What can I say she loves sparkly things. Who doesn't? When she's at daycare I totally wear the tiara and earrings myself. :)

Lily and her friend Gracie at a dance show. Mel, my BFF, owns a dance studio and for the 2nd year in a row Lily and I have attended the year end spring fling. It's a yearly mother daughter tradition now. No boys allowed.

Lily getting antsy during the dance show. She was trying some mad moves but that darn long jean skirt is hard to do leg kicks with.

One of my faves. I love you Lillers.

To cut or not to cut.

I've commented before about Harrison's hair. It's crazy and long and curly all at the same time. Randy and I keep going back and forth about cutting it. He mentioned buzzing it all off and thought this was a great idea until he pointed out a kid at the mall as an example. He continued to think it was a great idea until we got closer to the kid and realized nope, no gonna work. The buzz hair cut with the long tail...never. Bangs...well, I've never had good luck with bangs myself (warning high school girls-NEVER cut bangs on the day of homecoming, mothers-remove scissors from house if high school girl is freaking out about homecoming hair do) and I cringe thinking bangs could lead into a more girlie look or a mullet. Neither good options. I looked back through some of Harrison's older pics and I do like his shorter style around his first birthday so now I'm getting to a happier place about cutting it. On the other hand, if we continue to grow it the front will be long enough to sweep off his face. The hair covering his eyes is one of the main reasons I want to cut his hair although he doesn't seem to mind one bit. He still reads his books and eats his dinner all without noticing no one else in the room has their hair covering their eyes.
Clearly the hair style issue is mind boggling. So I thought I'd enlist my dear readers' opinions...opine away. To cut or not to cut.

Harrison's current crazy hairstyle on most days

Sportin' a shorter hairstyle

Slightly longer, curls noticeable in back

For about 5 minutes following a bath his hair is great.

These curls...why it's sooooo hard for me to cut his hair...these curls.

Rub my b-e-l-l-y

Happy belated St. Patrick's Day!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Interview with a Lily

I got this list of questions from Ann and decided to interview Lily. I left out some questions that I thought were too difficult to ask a 3.5 year old. Lily's responses were funny and shaped around dinner and things on the dinner table.

1.) What makes mom happy?
Lily: Staying in bed
Interpretation: When Lily stays in bed which DOES make me happy

2.) How does your mom make you laugh?
Lily: Hmmm...tapping her chin. Baby!
Interpretation: Apparently I use Harrison to make her laugh.

3.) How old is your mom?
Lily: 3
Interpretation: All moms love it when people ask if the daughter/mother are sisters!

4.) What is your mom's favorite thing to do?
Lily: Cut paper
Interpretation: New hobby is that I draw shapes and she cuts them out

5.) What does your mom do when you're not around?
Lily: Finds me

6.) What is your mom really good at?
Lily: Playing peek-a-boo

7.) What does your mom do for her job?
Lily: Checks on baby

8.) What is your mom's favorite food?
Lily: Oatmeal
Interpretation: Her new favorite and what she was eating when I interviewed her

9.) What do you and your mom do together?
Lily: Have fun, play with toys

10.) Where is your mom's favorite place to go?
Lily: Disneyland


Same questions...different parent

1.) What makes poppa happy?
Lily: Playing with toys, like fishy
Interpretation: My best guess is a stuffed fish was sitting on the table

2.) How does your poppa make you laugh?
Lily: Playing with cups
Interpretation: Not sure about the cup thing...maybe her cup of milk caught her eye

3.) How old is your poppa?
Lily: 5
Interpretation: Yay, he's still older than me!

4.) What is your poppa's favorite thing to do?
Lily: Write
Interpretation: Totally true, he's LOVING to write his current proposal

5.) What does your poppa do when you're not around?
Lily: Plays hide-and-seek
Interpretation: Answers starting to get a bit c-r-a-z-y.

6.) What is your poppa really good at?
Lily: Playing with wings
Me: What is a wing?
Lily: A wing is because you play with a fishy
Interpretation: NO IDEA!

7.) What does your poppa do for his job?
Lily: Works on a computer

8.) What is your poppa's favorite food?
Lily: Oatmeal
Interpretation: Apparently the entire family LOVES oatmeal.

9.) What do you and your poppa do together?
Lily: Play with cans

10.) Where is your poppa's favorite place to go?
Lily: Disneyland

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

One of THOSE mornings...

Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved to wear the same jean skirt.

This morning started with recurring discussion with Lily about her desire to wear her long jean skirt AGAIN. She wore it yesterday and we wanted her to wear something else. In case you forgot she's 3. Three. This discussion included many "no's," "don't ask again," tears, doors shutting, loud bawling, and angry grunts. This whole drama woke up Harrison who started crying too. Why not? Everyone else is unhappy why shouldn't he be? He wouldn't get out of the crib (although crying) for Randy so I had to get him out. And change is majorly pee soaked and poop filled diaper. Of course smells like roses. Ha. Finally get kids downstairs for breakfast. Forgot to mention at some point Lily put on her Snow White dress and cape (she wears it daily but only at home, that's another post-another day). Start kid's breakfast with multiple requests..."more sugar," "more strawberries," "more grapefruit," "more SUGAR for my STRAWBERRIES." Kiss Randy goodbye. Yell for dog who is missing. Harrison wants to see Randy leave so I run him to my office window, open curtains. Hear Lily request the same, run get her to window with instructions NOT to touch anything since her hands are sticky from strawberries and sugar. Run and grab wipe to clean her. Wave goodbye to Randy, not sure if he even sees us. Lily's not done eating so bring her back to the table and cut up more strawberries. Notice Harrison is quiet, find him standing on window seat. Take him down and get a strong whiff. Change another poopy diaper, this time seriously smells like grapefruit. Start worrying about another diaper rash. No more citrus fruit for the boy. Clean up Lily for a 2nd time. Change Snow White's dress into a skirt, shirt and tights WITHOUT tears! Put shoes on Lily and notice Harrison's shoes are already on (thanks Randy!). Start putting Harrison's coat on Lily, I laugh, she laughs, get her coat. Have Harrison's coat, no Harrison, find him sitting by fireplace looking at books. Sing "If you're happy and you know it..." while putting his coat on (since he was reading Elmo's book with this song). Get Harrison buckled into the van. Let Lily pick out fruit snacks and hear claws scratching on the window (missing dog returned). Let in disobedient dog. Grabbing my coat and I say in a deep but calm voice "WE REALLY HAVE TO LEAVE NOW!"--really wanting to yell but I contain myself. Lily thinks it's funny so she laughs, then I repeat it and she laughs more. That makes me feel better. Almost out the door before she requests a band aid for her finger. Instruct her I will get one but I get to pick it out. Slap on a hello kitty band aid on the invisible booboo. Get Lily buckled into car seat when she starts crying about her OTHER finger and requests Thomas (kid ice pack). Fine, going back into the house for my purse anyway. Grab Thomas and my purse, get into van, apply ice pack and leave the garage. Kids quiet. Turn on music...Mary J. Blige...good upbeat song. Harrison starts dancing. Get 3 minutes from home when I realize we don't have his blanket. Not only does he like his blanket at daycare but NEEDS it, he grabs it when he feels frustrated so I have to get it. Turn around...Lily recognizes this is wrong so asks multiple questions. Get home, run inside to grab blanket. Finally driving to daycare and my conversation with Lily went like this...
Lily talking about something.
I was listening to a commerical but when I realized she asked a question I said "What did you register for?"
Lily: Register??? Hahahaha.
Me: Hahahaha, sorry! What did you ask?
Lily: After we go to the pool this summer, can we go to the beach?
Me: Yes, we're going to the beach.
Lily: We can see sharks and dolphins?
Me: Maybe. We can swim in the swallow water where the sharks can't fit. They like deep water. But we can see lots of animals at Sea World.
Lily: SEA WORLD? I've never been there. Maybe we'll see baby sharks.
Me: Probably.
Lily: Maybe there will be a baby shark but his mommy and daddy have to work so we have to take care of him.
Me: Hmmmm.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Monday, March 09, 2009

About a boy


1.) Loves books. When I'm fixing dinner we can always find him quietly sitting by the bookshelf in the living room with a pile of books sprawled around him. He pulls each book out, flips through the pages, studies the pictures, then repeats over and over until all 500 books have been scattered.

2.) Loves his blue crocheted blanket. His Grandma Kim made it for him a while ago and it's always been in his bed but his recent love for it is now noticeable. He will bring it downstairs and now it goes to daycare. Today he played hide and seek with it while I was buckling Lily into her car seat. Then he reached it across the aisle so Lily could hold it too.

3.) Loves to throw his plate. This occurs about 2-3 times a day. Always at the end of a meal. Yes, I know I should learn but he's so fast.

4.) Has long, hippy hair. We can't decide what to do with it. He has big curls in the back, which I have a hard time cutting off, but his hair is always in his eyes. He doesn't care since he doesn't know any difference. Occasionally he gets called a girl but he's constantly surrounded by princess accessories and still loves trucks so I think he's secure in his boyhood. Not that it would matter if he did chose sparkly tiaras over dump trucks. :)

5.) Loves to stack items from the pantry and fridge. Frequently I find him stacking yogurt containers. Whenever I try to stack blocks he knocks them down immediately. I seriously want to build a magnificent castle but can't get 2 stories high with this boy around.

6.) Loves to watch a video of's about a 10 second clip and she says "Momomomonster truck" and he laughs over and over.

7.) Likes his crib and will point to it after reading stories. It's like "Mom, thanks for the kisses and hugs but I'm tired, please let me go to bed."

8.) Puts every kind of toy into his mouth. Whether it be a hard wooden block or the tiniest shoe that belongs to Lily's princess doll, it immediately goes to his mouth. After I warn him and he does it again I take the toy away and he'll put his finger in his mouth...I'm like "Dude, fine with me."

9.) Has a love/dislike relationship with the bath. Sometimes he screams when we get him out sometimes he screams when we put him in.

10.) His favorite hobby is tied to #1 but instead of "reading" books to himself it would be cuddling in our laps and reading a book. His favorites right now are "Trucks Roll!", "Cuddle," "Where the Wild Things Are," "When Momma Comes Home Tonight."

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Eating at a restaurant with kids???

Tonight was amazing. We actually enjoyed a family dinner at a restaurant. Seriously.

Want in on the secret to leaving a restaurant telling your 3.5 year old and 1.5 year old "You guys did great! Thanks for behaving SO well!"'s a pizza joint. Plain and simple. Order one item of food that is so easy to cut up, everyone is happy about, and don't worry about lack of fruits or veggies. Plus the fish tank wowed not only Lily and Harrison but Randy too. He found it very impressive. Me...well it was nice and big, pretty fish, but the eel creeped me out. He would stick his eel head out of the rock and I could see his eel body move about. Too much resemblance to a snake and if you have ever seen me cautiously walk in the grass in summer it's because of those darn garter snakes...they are out to get me.

Anyhow, it was a nice evening. We were also celebrating Lily's last dance class. This time the parents were actually allowed past the double glass doors and inside the classroom. For the past 5 weeks all the parents huddled at those double glass doors watching with funny grins as our babies pointed their toes, jumped around like frogs, and skipped about the room. Today we watched with those same smiles, cameras in hand, with proud feelings about our little girl who looked so much bigger out on the dance floor. Our front row seats were great...until Harrison was completely over sitting still. He wanted to join his big sis but when it was apparent his plans didn't mesh with my plans he let out the huge Harrison cry (the kind that everyone in the BUILDING hears) so I got to watch the rest of Lily's performance from outside the double glass doors. At least I didn't have to elbow out any other moms for my view.