Monday, July 30, 2007

No baby yet! Part II

Our weekend was spent hanging with our friend, Ted. Ted is a big nerd and feels he needs to thank us constantly for our help/friendship. Because I have a blog and he doesn't I can tell him, via the world, that he's a dork for thinking this. We love you Ted and enjoy your company. Now, get a job and move back to CO. K?

On Sunday, Randy went to work and Lily and I joined my sis/bro-in-law and another friend at the Cherry Creek reservoir. My sis-in-law and her friend are training for a sprint triathlon and they needed to get experience swimming in open water. Lily had a blast playing in the sand. She spent the first hour filling up a pail with sand and finally ventured to see what the water was about. I tried really hard to make a sand castle but every time I got a standing tower it was destroyed by a laughing toddler. Lily took my hand and we walked around in the water for a bit. She didn't mind the waves until one splashed her face, probably giving her a nasty taste of the water. Then she just moved back a bit and started playing with the wet sand, flinging it everywhere. We ended our time with a nice picnic while watching other swimmers and boaters.

While I was giving myself a manicure Lily found a pale pink nail polish and handed it to me, asking to paint her nails. Reluctantly (knowing Randy wasn't completely down with this) I painted her big toes. When she wanted all of them painted I told her we'd have to see what papa thought first. Ya know...lure him in a little at a time. Immediately when Randy walked in the door Lily was trying to get her feet out from under the table (she was supposed to be eating dinner). It was pretty funny that she knew to show him but even more funny that she had to do it the minute he walked in the door. No one, not even her papa, can resist the cuteness of pink toe nails.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

No Baby Yet!

I have to remind myself to answer the phone and probably title all my blog posts with this message---NO BABY YET. When we were pregnant with Lily the final weeks were filled with frequent phone calls and they all started out with someone asking if we had the baby yet. Like we wouldn't tell ya.

Had a OB appointment yesterday that was routine. Baby boy continues to measure 1-2 weeks ahead and his heart rate was good. My first internal check revealed I am 1 cm dilated and 60% effaced. Nothing to get too excited about but at least it's something.

I continue to have 5-10 braxton hicks contractions daily. Again, nothing to get too excited about since it's only a very light tightening. But occasionally I have regular light contractions, every 3-5 minutes for a few hours straight. I do think my body is preparing and getting ready. I did get camera batteries, pjs, diapers and wipes last night. My lovely sister in law is washing some baby clothes for me. It's all coming together nicely.

Tonight is my work party. My work has impressed me in many ways, from their wonderful benefit package to multiple ways they help out the community. Instead of the usual summer work picnic or baseball game my company is taking all of their employees to Corteo, a Cirque du Soleil performance. Randy and I have never been to a Cirque performance and I'm very excited! Plus it's a date night without a toddler. Thankfully the toddler will tucked nicely into her bed, dreaming of toddler things and won't notice her parents away, enjoying their time together.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Red head kills Harry over Hermaine love triangle

Of course I'm joking, I have no clue. I just had to respond to the Harry Potter craziness that surrounds me and seems to follow me every where I go. From my darling husband who has been taking his precious time to savor every bit of information to my boss who finished it the same weekend she received it to my friend Staci who mentioned it on her blog. It's everywhere. I didn't even mention my sister in law and her friend who couldn't stop talking about it while swimming last Sunday. In case you can't tell I'm not into Harry Potter. The last movie I saw in the theater, maybe the 2nd one, I fell asleep. I don't know how many movies have been released, maybe 4?? I know the 7th and final (hallelujah!!!) book was just released, leading to the recent HP madness. I'm not annoyed but rather amazed by the excitement. People don't sleep until they finish reading it. Others dress up and have parties to celebrate the book release at midnight. It's great people have such deep love for something, but I can still giggle at the thought of all the muggles dressing up with lightening bolts on their foreheads with capes and wands.

In other news...Lily is crazy. I have to keep with the crazy theme that I started this post with. She will seriously run from room to room screaming at the top of her lungs. It's funny cuz she knows how goofy she is so when she stops screaming to take a breath and notices Randy and I staring at her in disbelief she will start laughing. She loves to hide. She will hide from us and the dogs. Usually she will hide under the covers but occasionally she will hide under a hand towel that covers about 1/2 of her face. Did I mention she's goofy? The past weekend she started to say "come on" with this super cute look on her face like she's serious and has our best interests in mind. She will hold out her hand and repeat her instructions in an innocent voice, never commanding. Usually she leads us into the closet to show us the random household items she collected...a rain poncho, binkie, mama's shoes, rocks, etc.

Lily's first swim lesson was last weekend. It's a parent/toddler class so I got my big, prego belly in the pool with her. At first, the big group of kids/parents seemed to overwhelm her but after 5 minutes she became more comfortable. I was happily surprised with the swim class. It gave me some suggestions to try at our community pool. I was most impressed when Lily grabbed a kickboard and kicked away for a while, with my help to stay afloat of course.

Due to some recent house renovations I haven't been able to prepare much for baby boy. Finally, last night I found the energy and set up shop in our bedroom. Since he will reside in our room for a while I set up the changing table and organizer unit. I got the car seat out of storage. I have about 2 loads of laundry to clean and organize then I should feel more ready. I started to pack my hospital bag but mostly have my list of necessities in my head. Need batteries for camera, comfy pajamas, pillow, ipod, toiletries, etc. For the past 9 months I have expected him to arrive later like his sister but there has been a substantial increase in daily reminders that I won't make it to my due date. Even though I'm ready to hold him and introduce him to Lily I still need about a week. Hang in there baby boy.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Will eat dirt for crocs

Hopefully she won't eat dirt but we can ask Lily to do just about anything before putting on her new, pink, fake crocs. Randy was trying to dress her and was having a hard time. Lily asked for her shoes and Randy told her to dress first then he would get her shoes. She was dressed in a flash, without whining.

The last 2 days when I picked up Lily from daycare she was wearing her pink shoes, of course, but also a pink hat. We bought the hat a long time ago and used it on walks to keep the sun out of her face. It was common practice for her to take off the hat, mostly she didn't like that it snapped under her chin. For whatever reason she re-discovered this hat and pretty much won't take it off. Our daycare lady said she wore the hate for at least 3 hours and wore the crocs all day besides during her nap. She kept the hat on throughout dinner last night. And the crocs? They came off in time for bed.

Lily is starting to put multiple words together. About 1-2 months ago we would prompt her to say "Please mama" but her version would be "Please"......"Mama." Now she is really good at putting 2 words together and is starting on 3 words.

Last weekend I took Lily to the library. My intention was to explore the kid area, read some books and check some out to read at home. I didn't expect my 21 month old to do this...

I couldn't get her away from the computer. She loved having the head phones on and clicked on the mouse a few times. She occasionally made the computer game work but didn't really connect using the mouse to the computer game. Nonetheless it was a sight to see.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I'm here I swear. Just haven't found time to write in the past week.

Lily is doing great, although Randy declared today as the start of the terrible twos. I think it's coming in waves, a few rough moments mixed with happy toddler times.

Baby boy is doing great, kicking like a soccer champ. He's been getting the hiccups at least once a day. Instead of "dropping" I think he is moving up. Breathing and eating have been interesting lately. I'm very thankful for air conditioning during the day and the crisp Colorado nights. I'm also thankful that my husband hasn't objected to the 3 fans I use every night. Nor has he objected to the body pillow wedged between us that props up my belly. Nor has he objected to the grunts and moans every time I roll over in bed. And...he always massages my feet when I ask, even after he put in a long work day and likely needs a massage himself. Thanks baby.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Creativity strikes

Lily was playing with phone books recently. It's really true you don't need to spend a lot of money on toys, just let them have access to your phone book collection. It's fun to see how Lily is becoming creative. First she took the phone books and was stacking them while sitting on the couch. Next time we looked at her she was lining them up and walking on them. Not sure where she got that idea but it was fun to see her doing something new and very random.

Spraygrounds, doggie glamour, & family

This post will be a mixture of just about everything. Last weekend Lily and I spent time with Joy, Bobby and the kids. We cooled off at a sprayground and even though Payton and Sydney refused at first because well, they were too old and cool, they decided to partake after sitting around in the hot sun. Kelsey jumped right in and showed Lily how much fun it was to run through the fountain.

Sydney getting a mouth full of water.

Joy and Sydney

Payton unexpectedly getting a cold stream of water.

Payton reaching that age where mama kisses are embarrassing.

Who is taller?

Kelsey showing off her climbing skills.

Kelsey and Lily playing in the water

Max letting Lily make him pretty.

Lily's new favorite fun...piggy back rides.

Sydney bought this baby stroller for Lily with her own money. The intention was to fit a baby doll, not a real live toddler.

Lily naming her McG. family.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A bunch of croc

Lily loves hot pink croc-like shoes. A girl at daycare has some and every morning for the past few months she immediately discards her shoes and puts on the hot pink crocs upon arriving at daycare. It's taken a while for Randy and I to warm up to the idea of buying croc-like shoes because they are invading the earth at warp speed. Lily has outgrown her current sandals and needs a new pair. So I have given up my croc restriction in order to find hot pink crocs in toddler size 4/5. Sounds easy enough, right? I mean, they are EVERYWHERE. From Walmart to the real croc kiosk in the mall. But once you set limits (color and size) the discovery of this specific shoe turns from shopping to hunting.

Last weekend Lily and I set out for the mall to buy hot pink crocs. Payless was out, even the croc store was out. Finally we found some in her size at Dillards. They were the Mary Jane style with wild colors. At first my eyes burned from all the colors and when the saleslady said they were great cuz they would match every outfit I shivered. But when I saw those shoes on my toddler's feet they weren't so bad, actually pretty cute. Because Lily had thrown a fit at the 2 previous stores when we left without any shoes and I was beyond fryed I decided to buy them. $32 later that is. I knew this was silly, the last 2 pairs of shoes I bought for myself totaled $6.50. Those were some great sales but still, how can I spend that much on something she will outgrow very soon? I couldn't even use the excuse that we can pass them down to baby boy cuz, well, the colors were a bit girlie, very girlie, and as already mentioned---wild.

After checking out other Walmarts, Payless stores and then calling approximately 12 stores I found them, hot pink fake crocs in Lily's size. Yay! What was even better than finally finding a store in the Denver metro area that had these shoes was getting ready to pay the $13 but find out they only cost $5.

That's my croc story. Long and annoying, but ended well.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

3rd post today

My husband is currently watching Thundercats and since I'm not a big fan of cartoons (exceptions include the Smurfs and Jem and the Holograms) I decided to keep on posting. Here are some photos of Lily over the past few days.

The girl loves her corn on the cob.

Wearing the outfit I made (yes, I actually sewed it myself!)

Just being silly Lily

Helping Poppa crack some hard boiled eggs (her breakfast favorite as of lately)

Korean Tradition

A tradition in the McE. family is to dress each child in a Korean outfit. I was a little scared to put it on her because the material is delicate and I didn't want her throwing a fit and ripping it. Today we tried it on Lily and she liked it long enough to snap some pictures.

We've had a busy few days. Last Thursday our friends, Zach and Jeanette, brought their 19 month old son, Jack, to visit. We had a blast and Lily and Jack interacted much more this time than last time. Last March when we visited them in IL Jack and Lily looked at each other a handful of times but otherwise played separately. This time they seemed a lot more interested in each other and even shared a rice krispie treat. We explored a local park for playtime and a picnic, the guys went white water rafting and the pregos took the kids to the Butterfly Pavilion. It was our first time there and I was quite impressed, especially with the bug room. The butterfly part was really humid and I wasn't a huge fan of the warmth. A butterfly did land on my hat and another guy had a butterfly enjoy his beard.

Nettie being brave.

I put aside my fears and held Rosie, the tarantula, to show Lily I can be a big girl.

Jeanette trying to get the kiddos to see a butterfly up close.

Lily and Jack

One night the adults enjoyed a nice, relaxing dinner with CA Dave and Sara who live in South Denver. We enjoyed tapas at a fun resturant/bar that had some really loud music. Baby boy was practicing for the circus cuz he never stopped moving the entire dinner. The next day I actually felt bruised on the inside. I hope he enjoyed the music rather than was completely annoyed with it.

Saturday my mom arrived for a visit. We haven't seen her since Christmas so it was nice for Lily to be around her. The first couple days Lily was nice and sweet but she definitely showed her approaching-terrible-two stage. My mom watched Lily while we worked one day and the next day we journeyed to the zoo. It was hard to get Lily away from the elephants.

No grandparent visit goes without spoiling Lily and this visit was no different. Lily loved her new pajamas and of course a new baby doll is always a hit.