Friday, September 28, 2007

My husband is a superhero

Not only is Randy an amazing husband...

and a wonderful father...

But now he has his PhD in Astrophysics...

I'm so very proud of my husband. He has worked his butt off for many years (26.5 years of school to be exact) and this day has finally come. Congratulations baby!

For Grandma McG.

My mom told me my grandma loved seeing the pictures and looked at them over and over. Here you go grandma...some new pictures to tide you over until you can meet Harrison in person next week and see how big Lily has grown!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Future Rock Star

We have no clue where she learned this. She just started saying it and holding up her fingers last weekend.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Crazy toddler in action


Adult update

Most everyone is interested in our kids but hang in there, I will be brief in my adult update.

I am still on maternity leave and enjoying every minute. When I start to think about how much time I have left I get sad. I try and get those sad thoughts out of my head immediately so I can enjoy the now and not worry about the future. I am enjoying being a mother of 2 kids. It's not easy but it is easier than I thought it would be. Not only was the delivery easier (thanks again to the spinal and epidural!), the recovery was much quicker and introducing Lily to her bro was way easier than expected. Because of the ease of having a second child I frequently think adding a 3rd will be a breeze. But...I won't be getting pregnant again anytime soon. I'm enjoying sleeping on my stomach way too much! I went through another birthday, turning 31 over labor day weekend. It was a wonderful day and started with sleeping in, followed by breakfast in bed. It ended with a bbq with Joy and family which is always fun.

Randy handed in his thesis last week. He will defend on Sept. 28. It's here...the end is fast approaching. I don't think the reality has sunk in for either of us. We had all last week together and he is to blame for my lack of blogging. I've been enjoying his company all day every day. I could definitely get used to this life...paid to be at home with my family. Randy hasn't had much of a summer since he's been so busy working on his thesis. He did celebrate the final days of summer by going fishing one day. But..unfortunately his guilt got the best of him and he's been working on his talk for his defense ever since. He is able to multi task...while working on his talk he can put Harrison to sleep. Randy has restless leg syndrome and it comes in handy with bouncing the bouncy chair to which Harrison always falls asleep. Randy does this for hours at a time.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Around our house

Lily's personality has been around for some time but everyday something new emerges. A new way she smiles, or frowns her eyebrows, a look she will flash us, a new statement. She is such a joy in our lives. She is so full of energy and giggles. She loves to wrestle with poppa and hide under the covers with him. She loves to run away from us as we try and tickle her. She loves her new BooBah book that Ted and Kristie bought her. When Randy reads it to us, we both crack up from how silly the book is and how silly Randy reads it. When I drove Lily to day care yesterday I would look back at her and she would crack up laughing, making me laugh, making her laugh harder. When Harrison sneezes she says "Bless you baby." When he cries he shushes him, she always helps me burp him. When she holds him she will hug and kiss him. She likes to point out his facial features- his ears, nose, etc. When I take pictures of her she likes to see the play back on the digital camera. When she sees herself she will say "Cute."

Is currently asleep in his car seat but occasionally lets out a sigh as his next meal time is approaching. His schedule is still up in the air, eating any where from 2-3 hours during the day. A couple of times he has slept 4+ hours at night but this is mixed up with waking every 2.5 hours like he did last night. He loves to be held but is pretty good with the swing and bouncy/vibrating chair. He will flash some smiles after his meals while drifting off to sleep. He likes to lay on the floor staring all over. He is moving his head from side to side with hearing voices. He is very strong and has amazing neck strength. He hasn't peed on me in over 2 days but I know I'm jinxing myself. In the afternoons we nap together, face to face, and he sleeps so well that way. It's fun to wake up and stare right at him, sleeping so peacefully. He's been getting a lot of mama kisses lately. I like to kiss his little neck. Randy has perfected the bouncy chair with the perfect bounce combined with the vibration. It calms Harrison instantly.

Harrison is having gas issues and acts uncomfortable with feedings when is is very vocal with grunts and burps and farts. I'm trying to pin point what foods in my diet might be contributing. I figured the refried beans the other night didn't help but the gas continues. So now I'm off orange juice and milk to see if those are culprits. Why when something is taken away do you want it even more????? My mouth waters over the thought of orange juice. I can give up milk pretty easily but orange juice is rough.

I have been spoiled by having Randy at home pretty constantly since Harrison was born. Randy has been working hard on his thesis but is around if I need an extra set of hands. But last weekend was time to venture out with both kids by myself. Our first outing was to the library. Lily and Harrison did great, I didn't. I was a disorganized mess. I forgot my ID in the car so I had to lug both kids in and out numerous times, then I was dropping stuff all over. It's not easy to pick stuff off the ground with a baby in a sling. Last Sunday I got my act together and took the kids to the zoo. My fancy, new double stroller made this very easy. Thankfully Lily stayed in the stroller the whole time, only fussing about it once near the gorillas when she made a loud enough fuss we had to leave that area. Harrison fussed enough to try out the baby bjorn for his first time, only to fall fast asleep. I did have to stop and breast feed but nothing that a big blanket and sucker couldn't manage. We enjoyed a nice picnic lunch before heading home. It was a success and I have much more confidence in handling both kids in public alone.

Lily and Harrison at the zoo, checking out the bear in the tree.

Harrison in the bouncy chair.

Lily showing off her cute thigh socks.

She enjoyed modeling and did this pose on her own.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I can talk about things other than poop

Our friend, Q, that recently visited us and went with Randy to the 311 concert has a super duper talent. It's unlike anything you've ever seen. It's something you have to see to believe. That is why I have a video. Our first encounter with Q's talent was in Lake Tahoe, 2 years ago, when he ate a Big Mac in ONE BITE. ONE BITE PEOPLE. This video was taken after dinner and Q was finishing my wrap. He had already eaten but when the challenge arose to eat the wrap in one bite, he didn't hesitate. Yes, Randy was the instigator.