Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day 2009

A princess without a wand? Not anymore thanks to Valentine's presents!

Happy Valentine's Day to my baby boy.

Last year Lily and I made home made Valentine's cards and it was so much fun. In an effort to make it a tradition this year her Valentine's card was a heart card/glow stick with the saying "You make my heart glow!" and Harrison's was a toy dinosaur and card with the saying "You're dino mite." We also decorated cookies for daycare.

More pics

Harrison finding his tongue.

Lily posing for one picture to satisfy her momma.

Harrison got into the markers and drew himself a nice pink mustache and goatee. I should have known playing quietly is trouble!

Dr. Harrison, future veterinarian

Lily stashed her purse inside the fridge in an effort to keep Harrison from getting into it.

"Warm" snow day

My sweet little boy.

Lily sleeping in her snow fort.

Picture of our long driveway...not so much fun during the winter (for Randy!). Yes, that little speck is Harrison. He waited for me to come get him.

This was the world's happiest little boy ever. He cried "Poppa" for 5 minutes after his ride was over.

Lily was a good helper and helped steer.

Paint project

Harrison hasn't done much painting yet, mostly handprint projects of mine. This time he had control (with supervision).

Lily is the craft professional. Very serious about the pony.

Oh no...starting to experiment.

If Harrison didn't get in trouble...why not??

And the project comes to an end...

Monday, February 02, 2009