Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Green Beans

Sorry for the absence...again. Anyway, we back to SD/IA last weekend for a wedding so most of you got an update in person. :)

Lily Update:
She is now 6 months old! Actually tomorrow she will be 6 months and 1 week. She has moved on from orange veggies to green ones and isn't too thrilled. I don't blame her, the only green veggie I really like is broccoli and I didn't even like it until a few years ago.

She has also found her toes and can grab on. Not for too long yet but everytime they are around she reaches for them.

At her appointment yesterday she weighed 16.4 pounds. Right on track. She also got 2 more vaccinations but did great. Cried a little but cheered up for the rest of the night.

To show how much she has grown here is her hospital pic:

And here she is now:

Sunday, April 16, 2006

It's 11:30PM Saturday night and I'm blogging. I'm not sad or embarrassed I'm home on a Saturday night but excited I'm still awake! But I have Starbucks to thank. This weekend has been fun but hectic. For example I went grocery shopping after putting Lily to bed tonight. I really didn't want to go but had no other time to shop. I have to prepare food for Easter get togethers tomorrow and have a frisbee game at 10AM. So not only did I grocery shop but also prepared food for the past 2 hours. My husband tried to stay awake but is passed out next to me with 2 sleepy dogs too. In addition to Starbucks I also have to thank my aunt Julie for getting me to blog. She's a loyal reader and I need to keep her entertained with Lily updates.

Speaking of the angel...Lily is doing great. She is rolling tummy to back on both sides now and occasionally back to tummy. She hasn't put them all together to get anywhere but that's probably coming. She did great with her carrots and moved to squash. She makes the bitter beer face but still eats it. Next is sweet potatoes, green veggies then fruit. Our pediatrician recommends that order of introduction to minimize food allergies. She is fascinated watching us eat. It keeps her content for a while. It's been great weather and she loves being outside. I even fed her outside one day since she was not happy with the kitchen for whatever reason. I put her walker chair outside and she watches while I play soccer with Cali (our dog). Another fun thing about warmer weather is less clothes, then we get to see her cute, chubby legs and arms more.

Here are some photos:

Rice cereal, first feeding~


Lily and cousin Connor~

Bath time~

Monday, April 10, 2006

Carrots! This past weekend was filled with carrots! Lily ate her first vegetable and she liked it. She still made a sour face but she kept opening her mouth and actually ate really quick. Carrot covered baby pictures to come in the near future.

Otherwise we had a pretty fun weekend. Randy was busy, again, with home renovations. Kind of feel bad for the guy. He about went nuts yesterday cuz I wouldn't let him use the drill since Lily was sleeping. Everything he needed to do required loud noise and I wasn't about to wake her! I pretty much had to force him to sit down and watch TV for a while.

Yesterday morning was our first ultimate frisbee game. Our last 2 Sunday games were cancelled due to high winds. Imagine that, windy in Colorado. Our friend, Sara, babysat Lily while Randy and I played. Lily enjoyed her time going for walks and hanging with Sara. I can say I enjoyed my first ultimate frisbee game, although got tired of running about 1/2 through. I even dove and caught the disc. Okay I call it a dive, Randy called it something like falling on my knees. Anyhow, I caught the disc and that's all the matters. I was quite proud though since I have witnessed my husband throwing himself on the grass game after game. I thought I was too much of a scaredy cat to dive. In practice I wouldn't think about diving but in yesterday's game I did it and didn't think twice about fracturing something.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Not time to write a lot. The only time, since I'm a great employee, is to write on my lunch break and not during work hours. I'm not the type of person that can get to work early and blog. I have a hard enough time waking up to make it to work exactly at 7:30AM, not a minute early. My 2 alarm clocks don't help since I just shut them off, everyday. A few days this week it was really warm and sunny outside and it's hard to eat lunch at my computer and desk. Therefore no blogging on sunny/warm days. Then other days, like today, I have a lunch date. It's nice to get out of the office and meet my friend, Staci, for lunch but then I don't have time to blog. So if I'm blogging at lunch you know I won't leave my office much, it's cloudy or Staci hasn't asked me to lunch. :) Or...I'm being bad and blogging quickly to say hello before the weekend comes.

Monday, April 03, 2006

I'm here I swear!

Sorry for the long absence. I didn't realize how many folks actually read my blog until they kindly reminded me that I haven't written in some time.

My family had a health scare with my mom. Now we know everything is going to be just fine but it's was really hard to hear that my mom was sick. She means so much to me and is truly an inspiration. I always knew she was a tough cookie but her positive reaction to everything thrown at her is amazing. Not sure where she got the strength but she has more than anyone. With blogging there are certain places to draw the line when writing. Most people that read this are family and friends and understand what has been happening lately. I want to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers. My family comes from a small town and there are many things to complain about with a small town but in this situation a small town is awesome. People pull together and really support each other. I know my mom's house is filled with cards and flowers and people call her all the time. What she doesn't know is how many people are thinking of her that she never met. From my coworkers, Randy's co workers, Lily's babysitter to our friends it really means a lot to have your support. Now go hug your loved ones and let them know how much they mean to you! :) LOVE YA MOM!

Lily Update:
Lily is growing at a astronomical rate. In the past 2 weeks she has cut 2 teeth. Yes, if you read my post about 2 months ago we "thought" she had 2 teeth but we were wrong, very wrong. We're new parents, what do we know anyway? These teeth are definitely there and pretty sharp little boogers. She hasn't acted much differently with teething. Occasionally she won't eat much for a feeding or we will apply Oragel but that's about it.

Two weeks ago she had her first solid food experience. Not solid food as some people may think like apples or meat but solid food that is barely thicker than breast milk. She's been eating this yummy meal (yeah right, rice cereal isn't so yummy) once a day and plan to advance to twice a day soon. She's getting the hang of it and so are we. Again, Randy is the better feeder than myself. But last nights feeding didn't prove this. :) He fed her in her bouncy chair and the bouncing didn't help get food to the place it needed to be.

About a week ago she started rolling over from her back to her tummy. She has rolled tummy to back a few times but nothing that stuck. Now we put her on her back and in seconds she's flipped. It's a truly scary thought!

Lily went on her first airplane trip to Sioux Falls, SD. Randy was busy building a rocket (kind of funny that isn't a joke!) and doing home renovations so I was sole parent for a few days. I was pretty nervous about the plane ride and getting the car seat/stroller/baby through the airport without problems. After careful consideration I opted to leave the stroller at home and use my mom's once we arrived in SD. I baby bjorned her through the airport and it worked really good. A very nice man, in his 50's, sat next to us by choice. He actually should have been across the aisle. He just vacationed with his wife and teen son. He said he always wanted a "Lily" but it never happened. He helped keep her content by loaning his goldfish pretty colored packet for her to smash and drool on. To back up a little, as the plane was taking off she started to fuss pretty good. Not long but long enough for me to start sweating, imagining the whole 1.5 hours would be filled with unhappy baby and mom. But...she ate, then slept and woke up happy with about 30 minutes left. That's when she was entertained with the goldfish. The ride home was even better. Well, that's if I don't count the poop episode. As I was putting her in the bjorn I noticed a spot on the back of her outfit. I knew this spot represented poop that escaped the diaper but I hoped it was just a stain. As I took her out of the bjorn to go through security I found it wasn't a stain but a extremely full diaper that was bursting with liquid brownish poop. Sorry for the details but I need you to really understand what happened. :) The security lady yelled for some napkins which I kindly declined, put on my shoes and grabbed the diaper bag while hustling to the bathroom while my pants were about to fall down. In case you wanted to know I couldn't put on my belt since one hand touched the poo and the other was holding the poo soaked infant. Anyhow, Lily was excellent on the return home flight, slept all but the last 15 minutes then was occupied with the bratty kids in the seat ahead that were beating up on each other and squealing, which was what woke her up to begin with. :)