Monday, November 15, 2010

To Harrison's future wife...

I'm sorry.

If Harrison continues his night and nap waking routine, than I am very sorry. This boy is a grouch. He makes Oscar (the grouch) look happy.

Proof: This morning when he came into our room around 5AM. Apparently upon climbing up into our bed there is a immediate shift in ownership. This boy thinks it's HIS bed. He grouched at me because I moved. He grouched at me because I breathed on him. He grouched at me because my blankets weren't on his feet. Oh wait, they were on his feet and that is completely inappropriate.

Harrison Grouch McGouch.

If we can make it through until 6:30 AM (when we allow him to get up) THE MOOD disappears with a little chocolate milk and a tv show. Until he wakes up from nap...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

One of my favs

I'm not sure I can communicate how much I love this but I'm going to try. I LOVE FEELING THE BABY KICKS, MOVEMENTS AND PUNCHES. I LOVE IT. I LOVE IT. I LOVE IT. I feel like it's my little secret that sometimes I share with others but sometimes I'm selfish and keep them all to myself. These little kicks help keep my attention during work meetings, especially during a recent all day training. Apparently my little one likes all day training or maybe she/he decided to rebel and party all day, whatever the reason I loved it.

If others are around, usually Randy and the kids, I'll share and put their hand over my tummy where the kicks/punches are happening. Lily was able to feel the baby kick the other day. I don't think she quite understood what it would feel like but she's more than happy to keep on trying to feel more.

For the past 2 days, the baby has increased the intensity of their kicks and punches. Now it's fairly significant and hard not to stop and notice. I can see them through my shirt (which is completely alien like but I still love it).

Since I'm fairly busy during the day the majority of the kicks will happen at night as I lay down in bed. I don't mind postponing sleep for a little bit while I relish in this fantastic and completely amazing thing happening inside my body. I love it.

Last night

after the kids were tucked in bed and sleeping soundly I started thinking about how fast they grow up. I'm an emotional mess lately so this really hit me hard. I had a good cry and started to climb into my bed alone (Randy is away with buddies on a fishing trip)but decided to crawl into Harrison's bed (he sleeps in a full bed next to Lily's twin bed in her room). As I was clearing the large amount of stuffed animals, extra blankets, books and pillows I woke him up. I asked if I could sleep next to him and he smiled the sweetest smile and nodded his head yes (in a very sleepy manner). Before I laid my head on the pillow he had his arm wrapped over my neck and cuddled right in.

It wasn't the most restful night of sleep but it was a filled with a warm little body that would snuggle up to me every once in a while. Plus, when Lily woke up she was quite happy I slept in their room.

It's this kind of memory I want to hold onto forever. I don't expect to retain it in my memory but in 15-20 years I will be happy I wrote about it.