Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Not barefoot and not pregnant

For some reason a lot of people have come to my blog through a photo I posted when I was pregnant. It's a little weird and creepy so I had to change the title. Thank goodness for the site meter!

Reverse psychology

Whatever you do...do not leave a comment. Please avoid leaving comments at all costs. I'm trying to get a full page with absolutely NO comments and I'm almost there.


Of course I'm only kidding. I LOVE to read comments and it's sort of sad when I don't get any. Thanks to the Lincoln girls (Staci and Renee) who are the only people that commented on the entire page.

I have a site meter so I know people do read my blog and my Grandma said she reads it twice a day (sorry for those days I don't post!!!). I guess it just feels good when someone actually comments. :)
Early Sunday morning we told Lily we were going to the Stock Show to see animals. She was very excited and wanted to leave immediately. Since it was 7AM we told her the animals were still sleeping so we had to wait a while. The entire time we were getting ready, if we talked to loud, she would shush us and say "Elmo's still sleeping, be quiet."

Before the Stock Show we ventured out to breakfast with both kids. It was the first restaurant experience with both kids without extra people around to help (i.e. grandparents). We had a wonderful time and the kids behaved very well. Harrison fell asleep in my arms after his oatmeal breakfast and Lily colored while waiting for her food. Granted we know not to hang around...we order immediately, entertain, eat and leave. Thankfully we eat at restaurants that are as fast as we are.

Harrison, being the big boy he is, has outgrown his infant car carrier. He might have fit in it another few weeks but the straps were getting very snug and lugging 17pounds of baby plus weight of car seat isn't easy. It's not much easier lugging 17 pound baby around without an instant seat (eating at restaurant was difficult since he can't sit in a high chair just yet). His 6 month appointment is coming up so I'm curious to know how much he has grown in the past 2 months. I'm assuming A LOT.

Monday, January 28, 2008

January 23, 2006

That was the day my blog was invented.

Two years ago.

A lot has happened in the past 2 years!!

Our life

Thankfully Randy knows when to use G rated language. Last week Randy was renovating our dining room and hit the wall with molding. Instead of a usual dammit or something equal (maybe worse) he said "dang it." That is funny to type because he's not really a dang it type of guy. Anyhow Lily's 2 year old ears paid close attention and she immediately repeated it. This weekend she dropped a stack of flash cards and immediately said "dang it." She continued to say dang it until she picked up the stack of cards.

We went to the stock show this past weekend. I'm glad we experienced it but for $31 we probably won't go back. Our first encounter with horses led to one sneezing on Lily which she wasn't fond of. She was very interested in all the animals (lambs, billy goats, bunnies, chickens, etc.) but was hestitant to touch them. She did like climbing on the small John Deer tractors and lawn mowers.

Lily's frequent sayings include "My turn," "No, Lily's turn," "I can do it," "I go to work," and "I not two." Not sure where the last one came from but she was walking around the house saying it in a stern voice while pointing at us.

Harrison is working on his abs. He wants to sit up but hasn't mastered doing it on his own yet. He is eating 2 oatmeal meals a day and is loving it. At the stock show I carried him in my hip carrier and he looked at all the animals and never once made a peep. Of course he exploded in his diaper right before we arrived. That is when I'm very thankful for my mini van. Cleaning a baby with poop everywhere isn't easy so it's nice to have the space to spread out.

Randy has the renovation bug again. It hits us approximately every 4-6 months. He just finished adding molding to the dining room and next on his adgenda is the kid's bathroom. Speaking of bathroom renovations stay tuned for updates regarding a really cool show that will air a really cool family. The air dates have changed before so I won't update until closer to the date just in case they change again.

Friday, January 25, 2008

More pictures...

This made me laugh when I noticed all 3 of them were laying on their bellies. It looks like Harrison is coloring too. He tried...he held onto a marker trying to eat it.

Big sister Lily is very helpful. Randy asks her to throw away just about everything for him and she does. She also likes to get diapers, wipes, burp rags, etc. Now she insists on helping feed Harrison nightly. This picture was from last night. One time the spoon went too far in but that was because Harrison grabbed her hands and the spoon.

The next couple pictures include our doggies. We used to be those people, you know the ones that sent Christmas cards with pictures of their dogs. Yes, we WERE them. The dogs don't get near as much attention as they would like but they do get home made dog treats made by Lily. They don't mind if she spills and not all ingredients make it into the treats. They also get to help color...

and of course leave it up to Max to just hang out...

I'm not exactly sure what Lily was doing with the shredded papers but I think they were for Cali to eat. Thankfully she was didn't play along.

This is little dark but this picture is of Lily at gymnastics. The kids all grab a musical instrument and march around the gym. Lily grabbed the mismatched cymbals. And yes those are pajama bottoms and no I didn't dress her.

Harrison's first experience in the jumperoo thingy. He obviously liked it.

Harrison's first big boy meal...yummy...rice cereal.

Randy "pouting" cuz I pointed out the previous picture captured his mouth wide open as he was feeding Harrison. He always does that...if someone is moving their mouth funny you can guarantee Randy will unconsciously be doing the same thing.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Another photo comparison

Another example of how much Harrison resembles Lily (when she was his age)...

See how he is growing...

See how she's grown...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Harrison started rice cereal last week. I wanted to wait until 6 months but he was ready. He increased his bottle feedings by 1.5 ounces and I wasn't able to keep up. With some extra pumpings, herbal pill and rice cereal we are back on track. I hope. He definitely knows how to eat. He will open his mouth like a little bird. He tries to grab our hands (probably trying to get the spoon) which makes getting the spoon to his mouth a challenge. Add in bouncy seat with a mean left leg kick and it's a surprise any food hits his mouth.

I don't think I've talked about Lily's potty training before. Mostly out of fear I would jinx it. She started before Christmas and it's still going great. We had a one day regression but overall she has impressed us. She loves her penguin (Happy Feet) underpants the most but also has Elmo (of course!), princess, and curious george. She only goes on the potty chair so we need to introduce her to the toilet soon. I'm sure it would make outings much easier (yes, imagine her using the potty in the front seat of our car outside the Denver Aquarium). Thankfully she will sit on the potty anywhere but it would be nice to leave it at home.

Lily continues in gymnastics and her last class is this weekend. I think she will miss the stamps the most. At the end of class after the kids have their shoes on they stamp their hands. She LOVES it!

Harrison is even more snuggly than before. The past week he will grab on and cuddle into my neck. We are on the look out for teeth. He has been drooling like mad for over a month now. We thought we felt something but it was on the side so Randy said we had a vampire baby. We can't see anything yet but it will probably be soon. Lily got her 2 bottom teeth at 5 months and he's 5 months on January 20. Not that he has to follow in her footsteps but I figure it gives us a general idea.

Not much new with Randy and I. Working and taking care of the kids fills up our time. We managed to watch American Idol last night. Randy hardly watches and hides his face cuz he's embarrased for the people that think they can sing and can't. I'm one of those people...well, I sing but I know it's not a good sound but you would never catch me on national tv singing. Why don't those people understand that??? Oh well, it's entertaining!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Catching on quicker than I expected...

Me: "Your one smart cookie Lily."

Lily: "I'm not a cookie momma."

Enough said.