Friday, August 31, 2007

Harrison in action

It was fun to get photos/videos of Harrison wide awake but as newborns do...well...he doesn't do much yet. That is a good thing with a rambunctious toddler!

Middle of the night blogging

It's 1:15AM...I'm wide awake...Harrison is sleeping. He was due to eat at midnight but he's sleeping peacefully. I'm not about to wake him but do I really try and go back to sleep, knowing I might be woken in a few minutes or maybe (wishful thinking!!??) he'll go 5+ hours and I can sleep for at least another hour? Maybe if the TV was better at this hour I would stay up. I'm watching some infomerical for the Midnight Special, which is jam packed with superb performances from the 1970's for only $9.95 plus $3.95 for shipping. It's not sold in stores so I better get calling.

I think I answered my own question. I'm off to get any sleep I can.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

A quick update

Our families left this morning. Not only has it been great having family around, it's been wonderful having people take such great care of all of us. From feeding us nightly to cleaning our entire house, we have been spoiled. Not to mention all the attention and care Lily received.

It might sound strange but each little change affects me significantly. I couldn't wait to get home from the hospital but once we were at home I missed the hospital routine. I knew where everything was and now at home I've had to run and up down the stairs many times gathering baby items. After coming home from the hospital we had 3 full days with family around and I got used to that routine. It was great handing Harrison over to my mom and mom in law while we spent time with Lily. It was nice when the entire family was over for dinner together, especially entertaining Lily (Payton even played doll house with Lily). As Saturday approached I had to mentally prepare myself that our routine, although only a few days old, was again changing. Today was our first day alone, 2 parents, 2 kids. Thankfully Randy didn't work (he did squeeze in some work during our nap time) and we tag teamed the kids. We work well together. I'm very lucky that I have him.

Our journey now begins. Stay tuned for lots of talk of black turned green turned yellow poop, middle of the night milk production, toddler temper tantrums, etc., etc.

The pooper himself...

Cutie pie big sister...

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

He's here!

Harrison Lee arrived Monday morning at 8:45AM. Here is his story...

On Monday morning I woke up to a intense contraction at 2:30AM. I walked around, took a shower and the contractions continued. They were more intense then the typical Braxton-Hicks contractions I've been feeling for some time. I woke up Randy and the look on his face was priceless. His eyes got really big, he sat half way up and needed about 1 minute to absorb the situation. He started to time the contractions, although they were painful, they were only 30 seconds long. I continued to walk around our room, having to stop and breathe through each one. After the contractions became closer to a minute long Randy said "Let's go!"

My mom was staying with us so we woke her up. She wished us well and off we went. The drive to the hospital normally takes 20 minutes. We were preoccupied and didn't time this trip but Randy thinks it was record time. We arrived at 4:30AM. When they first checked me I was completely dilated but Harrison was high in the birth canal and facing the "wrong" direction. Because his position could make pushing take longer than normal I received a spinal. Before the spinal the contractions were strong but I am still surprised I maintained my focus. I tried to let my body accept the situation instead of fighting it like last time. It worked for the most part. But I do have to say I was on cloud 9 after receiving the spinal. It was wonderful. I could tell my stomach would tighten with each contraction but I didn't feel any pain. The on-call doctor broke my water around 5:30AM. Harrison did end up turning to the correct position but remained higher up in the birth canal (zero station). Once my OB arrived at 8:15AM we started pushing. The first 15 minutes didn't result in much so my OB left the room. That's when Harrison's head made the first appearance. The doctor returned, had me pant through 2 sets of contractions, I pushed for 2 more sets of contractions and he was born.

Once Harrison was born the doctors and nurses commented he was a big boy. It wasn't until he was put on the scale we understood exactly what that meant. I couldn't see the scale but I heard Randy and the nurse gasp. Then they revealed he weighed 10 pounds 1 ounce. Yep, a big boy he is!!!!

Lily came to visit that afternoon. Initially she was quiet. When she first saw him in the crib she pointed and said "baby." She gave him the bear she made for him. She enjoyed commanding the entire family to walk with her in the hallways. She even helped push Harrison in his crib. The family took her to dinner and when they returned she became Miss Personality. Harrison gave Lily a present too and it included Dora stickers. She put stickers on the family and then decided to decorate Harrison. Luckily she only put the stickers on his blanket cuz she covered him in them.

The next day Lily was more interested in Harrison. She held him but this meant holding him for 2.5 seconds then pushing him away. She wanted to keep pushing him in the crib too. She has done really well with him. She has been saying the words "mine" and "no" a bit too much. But we're working on that.

Now we are at home. The first afternoon and evening went really well. Randy and I both spent time alone with Lily and having the family (my mom, in-laws, Joy, Bobby and kids) has helped entertain her. We all enjoyed a great dinner and now Lily is sleeping peacefully. For a long time Randy and I have been spoiled by a toddler that sleeps 7PM-7AM. Hopefully Lily will maintain her schedule but our new baby won't be on that schedule for a long, long time.

Randy and I after I received the spinal...

Immediately after he was born...

Harrison Lee...

The new family of four...

Lily enjoying the praise after giving Harrison another sticker...

Harrison Lee, our big boy...

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Tarde, tarde, tarde

Due date came and went...with no appearance from baby boy. I appear to brew some late kiddos. Thankfully they treat me well and don't give me much grief, so I can't really complain. Except a grandma at the park told me I looked tired today. Yeah, that was nice.

Our friend, Q, is visiting until tomorrow. He leaves in time for my mom and in-laws to arrive. It's going to be crazy for a while, with family visitors and a newborn visitor by Tuesday at the latest. Randy and I have a bet for what time of the day he will be born. Lily was induced at 1PM and born at 5:51PM so Randy is counting on this same time. While I see his point I don't like the "pressure" of going so quickly so my side of the bet is he'll be born after that time frame and Randy thinks he will be born before that time.

Anyhow I'll try and post on Monday to let you all know that baby boy hasn't arrived yet and will be evicted on Tuesday. Unless of course he surprises us and decides to come on his own terms.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Cozy and content on the inside

Betcha thought my absence from blogging meant I was busying holding a new baby. couldn't be more WRONG! Just busy with actually working since today, yes I said TODAY, is my last day! Wahoo! Not forever but at least the longest I've ever been away from work. Let's see...I started working when I was 13 at the dog track, so it's been 17 years since I've had such a break. Not that I was working full time at 13 years of age but with part time work and school, well, you get the picture.

Yesterday our friend, Q, arrived from San Francisco. The plan was for the 3 of us to attend the 311 concert at Red Rocks. But...that is not the plan that unfolded last night. My lovely husband became a bit over protective and decided to SELL my ticket because he felt it was in my best interest to not be exposed to the rowdy and likely smokey (and even more likely stuff besides cigs) crowd. I do have to give Randy props for selling the ticket before telling me...he knew I would have refused but how could I refuse after the fact and knowing he really was looking out for me and baby boy. So the past week I have gritted my teeth while listening to all the advertisements for this concert and kept busy last night while they boys enjoyed the show.

Our last OB appointment was yesterday. Wahoo for no more visits that mean waiting for 25+ minutes to see the doctor for maybe 5 minutes and hear him say how big this baby might be. My new saying, instead of being scared for a large baby, is...the bigger the baby the less weight I have to lose afterwards. So if he comes out 15 pounds then I only have 5 pounds left to lose. Not so bad, right? If he comes out 10 pounds, well I'm half way there. Again, not so bad. :):):):):)

Two days ago I was feeling Braxton-Hicks contractions pretty much all day long. I even took a warm bath because I heard if they weren't real a warm bath could make them go away. During and after my bath, they continued! Randy called Joy to give her the warning. Mostly cuz she doesn't always answer her phone or know where it is and she will be on Lily duty when the real time comes. Anyhow, the nieces and our daycare lady's daughter (who is friends with Kelsey) could be heard in the back ground screaming. They were a bit excited that baby boy might be on his way. Daycare lady's daughter calls daycare lady and her aunt, gets them excited, etc. I got to spend a lot of energy yesterday explaining why nothing happened. I wasn't disappointed because I know not to get my hopes up but plenty of other people were a bit disappointed.

Tomorrow is my "me" day and it will include a 90 minute pregnancy massage with a speciality pregnancy pillow that allows me to lay on my stomach. I haven't laid on my stomach for months and I can't wait! Plus 90 minutes? That is crazy! Don't know if I can ever go back to a meesley 60 minute massage after that. :) I am also getting a pedicure since I can't exactly reach to paint them myself. Tomorrow, to celebrate my due date and likely a late baby, I plan to pamper myself. I'll have them work on the spot in my ankle area that is supposed to induce labor...just in case. Can't hurt, right?

Lily has been a big sweetheart the past few days. Last weekend we had some issues with hitting and the hits were directed my way. Maybe that is why I'm even more excited she's been really good since then. Makes my job easier and way more enjoyable. Discipling a smiley toddler who thinks time outs are's not any fun for me. When we check on Lily before we go to bed, about 2 hours after she goes to bed, she sometimes wakes up. I have taken almost every opportunity to snatch her out of bed and rock her. The last few times she doesn't go back to sleep, but we'll rock for 15+ minutes then I will put her back in her crib where she falls back asleep. I love those moments. The two of us snuggling together, no words exchanged, just having her wrapped in my arms, smelling her lotion scent, stroking her hair. My little girl.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Status quo

At our OB appointment last Friday my body had not changed from the previous visit. Still 2cm and 60% effaced and the OB said baby boy is in Longmont. Meaning he is pretty high in my pelvis. We did talk about induction and actually set a date to be induced just in case baby boy decides to take his sweet time. Our official due date is Friday and the induction date is scheduled for the following Tuesday, August 21. I'm hoping, hoping, hoping he comes on his own so everyone keep your fingers crossed. the same time I have stopped wondering if today will be the day or if this set of contractions will lead to the real thing. Now I am pretty focused on August 21 and if he comes earlier that would be great.

Because we can sort of plan a bit, my last day of work will be Thursday. I only have 3 more days and then I'm off for 8 weeks! I'm rather excited about that! Because family will likely be arriving on Sunday I plan to take Monday off to spend with them and Lily but I also wanted a "me" day. So Friday is my tentatively planned "me" day. Not sure what I will do. Maybe a pregnancy massage with a belly cushion so I could lay on my stomach. Maybe a pedicure. Maybe shopping. Maybe all of the above. In the event my "me" day doesn't happen it means baby boy is in my arms and that is what I really want. I'll get a massage another day.

This past weekend was spent cleaning and preparing the house. I think I have washed everything possible in the house...from the curtains to the couch slip cover. Actually I would like to wash the family room couch cushions but we'll see about that. Randy is much better at that than I am. :) I also decided to wash some blinds, vacuum the entire downstairs (including doors-it's amazing how dog hair attaches to everything), make 2 entrees for our weekly meals, bake muffins, grocery shop, etc. Lily also helped me bake dog treats, which the dogs loved.

Last night I woke up to pee an hour after falling asleep. Lately I have been using the bathroom about 2-3 times a night but using it so quickly after just using it was annoying. After I laid back down baby boy woke up and kicked and kicked and kicked. He was having a ball in there. I love to feel those kicks so I really couldn't go to sleep, knowing he was wide awake. Finally my mind began running off a list of things I still had left to do and before I knew it I got up. I ironed the curtains, Randy's pants, and material that I planned to make a baby sling out of. After ironing (and eating pop tarts) I decided to make my baby sling. It was really easy and that comes from someone who is a very beginner sewer. Even though I've had my sewing machine for approximately 4 years and even took a class I still consider myself a newbie. And...because I sewed the main seam on the wrong side (told ya I was a newbie) I had to make another sling with the left over fabric. They are both use-able but the 2nd one looks better. This morning when I told Randy about my middle of the night chores he was surprised and said I must have dreamt it. Unless some little elves came and ironed and sewed, I didn't dream it.

This morning we had a brief photo session. Check us out...

Thursday, August 09, 2007

No baby yet--getting sick of that title??

The nesting has begun. It started slowly and slightly forcefully with having to clean out our master closet and linen closet. It wasn't by choice but it felt good having it done. Last week I kept thinking of all the things I wanted to do around the house. The house felt very dirty and needed a basic cleaning. Randy helped take care of that on his day off last Monday. Tuesday I cleaned out the kitchen pantry, threw old stuff away and re-organized. It wasn't on my list but it felt so good to have finished. Other places that tend to get cluttered are currently uncluttered like the laundry room, kitchen table, etc. Not only is our laundry done but it's also put away! The spare bedroom has fresh sheets, waiting for family members that are waiting for the phone call. I laughed last week after hearing my father in law has his bag all packed and ready to go. I don't even have my bag all ready to go!

Last night I put the infant car seat into the van. I put up the mirror so we can watch him while driving. Yeah, that doesn't sound safe, a better way to put it would be that we can peek at him while at stop lights. His bassinet is ready, his changing table has a new fuzzy pad, and his clothes are organized and waiting. The waiting game is in full effect.

I am feeling good. Nothing to complain about. Okay, maybe something. But I've frequently complained throughout my's the comments. They don't stop. Just once can't someone be surprised that I'm pregnant or say "wow, you only have a week left? I would have thought you were only 6 months along." Nope, my big baby belly is an open invitation for all (strangers, co workers, friends, HUSBAND) to comment about how I could pop at any time. If only it was that easy...pop...out comes a baby.

I still enjoy my baby belly, his kicks on my upper right side, his little nudges on my lower left side, his full body movements that send a ripple across my belly, his hiccups. I love it all. Last night Randy had his hand on my belly, just waiting for another kick, when he felt a braxton hicks contraction. To go from feeling a baby kicking to the feeling of a contraction shocked him. Many times before I would grab his hand to get an idea of how hard my stomach can get with each (light) contraction but last night he was able to feel it happen from start to finish. Men aren't made to have babies for a reason (or 15 million good reasons) but it's also sad that they can't experience feeling a baby move from the inside. Randy feels movement all of the time but it's not the same. I am very lucky.

We think Lily is starting to understand a little more about having a baby around. We talk to her frequently about the new baby who will be coming home with us. She loves it when I tell her a baby says "WAAAAAA" and laughs every time. During story time one night I was snuggling with her while Randy was reading and I put her little hand on my belly cuz baby boy was kicking. She kept her hand there so I kept my hand on top of hers softly. After a couple minutes I moved my hand and she grabbed it and put it back on top of hers. Recently she started sharing food with my tummy. She might not always share with me or her poppa but she'll share with baby boy. I think she knows she gets to eat it that way.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

No baby yet! Part IV

Where to start? So much to say but I guess that is what happens when I don't blog for almost a week. Sorry!

Last weekend...I can't remember what we did on Saturday. Oh yeah, we went to Lily's swim lesson in the morning. That afternoon after her nap she helped me make a fruit smoothie and we shared it on the front porch. That is one of our summer rituals...a fruit smoothie outside. Not only do we get to enjoy being outdoors but when she spills (if she does, which has a 95% chance of happening) the clean up involves a hose. Lily also designed her big sister t-shirt. Besides helping her put her hand and foot prints on the shirt she had complete artistic say over the rest of it. She seemed to really enjoy it and it was a good way to practice our colors. Sunday was our 7th wedding anniversary! After watching my sister-in-law kick butt in her triathlon Randy and I went out to eat and to see the Bourne Ultimatum. Great movie. I loved the first 2 so it's not surprising I would love this one.

This week our daycare lady is on vacation. On Monday Randy stayed home with Lily and not only did they get some great bonding time in but my house was spotless when I came home from work. I immediately asked him if he was interested in being a stay at home dad. It was lovely! Clean house, happy family waiting for me at home. I doubt 13 years of post-high school education means a future in staying at home but if he changes his mind I'm all for it! The money issue...well, that is a problem but we could figure something out.

On Tuesday I stayed home with Lily. I figured this is one of our last full days alone, especially in the middle of the week. We started by making chocolate chip cookies with a plan to bring some to Randy at work. Well...Lily loved helping and she was a great assistant but...she did end up with a lot of flour coating her body and the floor around her chair. So much that I think it affected the cookies cuz the first baked batch wasn't too good. She didn't mind and after cleaning off all the flour I had to clean off all the smeared chocolate. After a nice, long nap we visited Randy at his work. Lily enjoyed playing with the horribly scented dry erase markers and board. She also acted the most shy she has ever acted. Of course she had approximately 4 people staring at her the whole time. She managed a few shy smiles but otherwise dug her face into my neck or leg. I didn't mind though.

After visiting Randy, we journeyed to the mall. Our journey included a trip to Build-A-Bear. Lily helped pick out a bear for baby boy and she picked out a puppy for herself. She was a bit scared but interested in the stuffing machine but really wanted to play on the computer where you can input the bear's data...birth date, name, etc.

I know my blog has been lacking photos. Randy's computer is where we upload our digital camera and the thesis has taken full control over it. Anyhow, soon...I will get more pictures up.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

13 Years Baby!

Today is our 13 year dating anniversary. While we slept through the start of our dating anniversary, 13 years ago, at 2AM, Randy asked me to go out with him. Yep, I said he asked me to go out. We were young, that's what we did.

It's amazing that after 13 years of solely being with one person without any lapse in time I still absolutely adore him. He makes me smile. He makes me laugh. He loves me.

I am very thankful for you, Randy. I love you baby.

No baby yet! Part III

What is up with the massive recall of Elmo/Sesame Street toys? You would think something as well known as the amount of lead in paint would be discovered a bit sooner. Of course Lily is surronded by Elmo, thankfully most are plush Elmo dolls but she does own 3 recalled toys. And one of the toys she loved so much I bought for a friend's little boy. That's just wonderful!

I have recently determined that I haven't shared our boy name on my blog. Not sure why not since we decided to forgo the secret name route and openly tell anyone who cares. But...since I haven't shared his name on my blog up till now I probably should wait until say...his birth announcement. That will be fun, right? And if you don't know it then you probably haven't called or seen us in the past 3 months.

Speaking of our boy name, I have been seeing his name a lot recently. Not necessarily as other people's names but in a book and on a street sign, etc. Random places. I have also been noticing dates. My cell phone crashed (that is what happens when you spill water ALL over it) and I got out my old cell phone. The date that the old phone shut off with was August 16, the day before our due date. Make me wonder if that was a sign. :)

Last night Lily and I went to the pool. Joy joined us but we only stayed in the pool for about 5 minutes before the wind picked up. It came from no where, it was 92 degrees when we arrived and suddenly the sun went behind a huge dark cloud and the wind started blowing over pool chairs and creating pretty good waves in the pool. Lily wasn't a fan and clung to me until I got her dryed off in a towel. We cut the pool outing short and went home to a nice warm bath.

Lily started commanding us and the dogs to "MOVE" when we are in her way. We always stay put until she can ask us to move nicely by saying "excuse me." Even the dogs know not to move upon her first disrespectful command but will move easily when she asks nicely. She has been more into her bedtime routine. She will push the step stool up to the recliner in her room, crawl into the recliner and sit back and enjoy story time. She is getting familiar with a couple books and will say a word before we say the word. I would say her favorite books right now are I'm a Big Sister, Barnyard Dance, Little Miss Spider and Little Miss Spider at Sunny Patch School, and Where the Wild Things Are.

I have confirmed my maternity leave with my company. I am very thankful they have a paid maternity leave since my last company allowed us to use our vacation or sick time. Yeah, that was nice of them. I plan to be on maternity leave for 8 full weeks and will return to working full time FROM HOME! from weeks 9-12. I plan to start baby boy in day care after 8 weeks so I will actually work but at least I'll only be 5 minutes from him and Lily. I am so excited to be able to work at home! This means saving 45 minutes getting ready in the morning and 40 minute total commute time. I envision being able to throw laundry in during the day, throwing something in the crock pot in the morning to be ready for dinner, etc. I won't be able to work at home forever but I'm happy my company is flexible at this time. Maybe they will enjoy not having me in the office and request that I work at home. One can only dream.

My recent pregnancy food kicks have been sunflower seeds and Wendy's chocolate frostys. Yum. My mom started me on the sunflower seed kick after she last visited. She left a 1/2 bag and since then I have craved them frequently. I'm trying to talk myself out of them cuz they are kind of gross. They leave my hands and fingernails all dirty and no matter how good I think I am I still find sunflower shells where I was sitting. I did under go craving issue a week or two ago. Randy was running some errands at night but forgot to stop by a gas station to purchase my requested seeds. He was going to go back out and get them but I told him not to. I didn't want to be high maintenance. But I couldn't stop thinking about my lack of seeds. I waited until he made himself a bowl of cereal and then told him I was running out to get some. There was nothing he could do about it at that point. He wasn't happy about it but it was something I had to do. The store clerk gave me a strange look when I was buying 2 bags of sunflower seeds at 9PM on a Saturday night, being hugely pregnant and all, but I didn't care. I had my seeds and was happy.