Thursday, December 13, 2012

My husband rocks

I'm slightly delirious from sickness but my husband does really rock.  My new job doesn't come with any sick day benefits.  Can you believe that employer?  I'm not flu sick or strep throat sick which is probably the only time I would have really called in sick to work anyway BUT it's not rainbows and butterflies trying to care for children all day while having a hacking cough, throbbing headache and hardly a voice.  My voice is better than yesterday but most times I say something the recipient asks me to repeat what I just said. Understandably since I sound like a drunk with a 50 year smoking history.  But it takes effort to talk.  So when I have to say it AGAIN I usually give up.  It's just not worth the exertion.

Back to why my husband rocks.  He has to work.  But he left work early to come home and help out.  And he ordered me straight to bed.  I wandered around for 5-10 minutes because I wasn't sure what to really do with myself.   I mean, there are 3 hungry kids around.  But he kept ordering me until I finally saw the light and  realized how great this action was going to be.

What mom has time to be sick anyways?  At Christmas time??  With hardly any shopping done???  

I'm holed up in my bedroom (if kids knew I was actually laying in bed no rest would be happening) but I can hear Randy cooking dinner.  And whistling.  Did I mention he rocks?

Side note: Harrison has a pretty bad habit of yelling "MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COME QUICK!!!!!!!" and my inner track star comes out but I'll find Henry sitting nicely on the rocking chair in his room.  Harrison is totally correct that I don't want Henry unsupervised on the chair; however, I've started encouraging him to describe the scene to me before completely freaking me out.  I mean, if I hear "MOM, COME QUICK!!!  IT'S HENRY" of course I imagine he crawled up the wall and is caught in the imaginary ceiling fan.   Instead of the boy who cried wolf, this has been the boy who freaked his mother out 10 times a day.  Since this mom was forced to lay in bed, guess what I just heard?  "DAD, COME QUICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and Randy's pounding footsteps as he ran down the hall.  Guess our lesson on describing the situation will continue.

Another thing I have to mention....he not only made dinner but he's also emptying and filling the dishwasher.  Love that man.

Thursday, December 06, 2012


The joys of brotherhood include Harrison teaching Henry new things.  Harrison teaches Henry new words almost daily, usually things like "truck" and "trains".  It always melts my heart when I hear it.

Today I overheard another language lesson while Harrison and Henry were in the bathroom.  Harrison was finishing up his bathroom duty while Henry was waiting for his bath.  Harrison said "Henry, say junk."

Yep, joys of having boys.

To note-we have always called our body parts the appropriate names.  "Junk" is a recent discovery and I believe it was learned from his father.

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Sick kid. Elf with pointy legs. Fitting title.

Lily is home sick today.  I don't think she's really sick.  She has a constant runny nose and is mopey but no fever, thankfully.  She's had her fair share of fevers so it's nice (?) to just have a cold.  And apparently, having all 3 kids at home with one constantly demanding more toast (the sick one) is when I find time to blog.    Harrison is enjoying Lily's sickness since this means he can watch tv with her.  Henry is quiet too.  As I typed that I got scared and now I can confirm his quietness means he is watching Thomas the Tank Engine on the portable DVD player.

Other news around our house...our Elf on the Shelf, Will, arrived last Saturday.  This is his 2nd year with our family.  Last year was great.  This year started great.  Will's arrival included a fun breakfast of sugar- complete with doughnuts, marshmallows, chocolate milk and hot chocolate.  He even brought fun straw glasses where the chocolate milk swirled around the kids' eyes and ears.  And yes, they were made for kids. Not college students if you know what I mean.  And no, I never used one as a college student.  I was way more sophisticated than that.  I used Randy's 3 story beer bong.  Once.

Back to Will, our Elf.  Let's just say he lasted 3 days before he started scaring the you-know-what out of Harrison.  Apparently, his elf legs creeped him out.  They are sort of long and pointy-ish.  So Will took this to heart and started hiding in spots that hid his legs.  It didn't work.  Yesterday, Will was in a large vase on the highest book shelf in OUR room.  The day started fine with all 3 kids saying Hi to Will.  But things went down hill fast when Harrison was left alone while I rocked Henry to sleep for his nap.  Harrison would normally hang out in my room and either play a x-box game or watch a show.  When I came out of Henry's room I found Harrison lying on the living room floor.  Just lying there.  Bored but scared.  He didn't want to go into my room since that scary elf with the strange grin and even stranger elf legs was there.  Staring at him the minute he walked into my room.  So we decided I would move Will to the bathroom.  Well, you cannot touch the elfves.  Or they lose their magic.  Will needs his magic to fly to the North Pole nightly to report the good (and bad, imagine that!) behavior, fly back home and hide in a new spot (preferably one so we couldn't see his legs) and watch how the kids' behaved.  So I carefully moved the entire vase into my bathroom.  Harrison was happy.  He didn't use my bathroom again but that is fine with me (he is a 5 year old boy with a 5 year old aim).

I wish our story ended there but it doesn't.  Will was instructed to return to the North Pole and never come back.  Per Harrison.  We settled on asking Will to watch our family from the North Pole and not come back to the house for a while.  So this morning Will wasn't here.  Harrison was soooo happy and relieved.  Lily, on the other hand, was devastated.  She cried and cried.  So much that Harrison decided Will could come back tomorrow.  Oy!   Will, the scary Elf on the Shelf with pointy Elf legs, saga will continue I'm sure!