Thursday, June 25, 2009

Like Father, Like Daughter

Lily was tested for environmental allergies today. The results just prove another way Lily takes after her father. She is allergic to tree pollen (Chinese elm, maple-box elder, cedar, cottonwood [big time], birch, ash, and oak), grass, weeds (ww.hemp, lamb's quarters) and had a borderline reaction to dogs and cats.

The Dr. didn't think we had to get rid of the dogs (cats at daycare) just yet since Lily is only reacting to seasonal allergies, starting March until now.

She is starting Zyrtec so hopefully it works!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cool new park

We're always on a mission to find a great park. I keep in mind the height at the top, the open areas where little ones can fall through, and the amount of things to keep the kids entertained. They both like slides, the store structure thing where they deliver food (i.e. bark from the ground) in exchange for money (i.e. bark from the ground), the steering wheel, etc. We spotted a park that looked really cool and after testing it out it proved its worth. In addition to 3 slides, the store, and relatively few open areas on top, it had a nice climbing wall and "balance beam." With having so much to offer the entire playground was pretty small which means kids are in my view the whole time. We'll be back to this park a lot.

Of course I had to try out the slide for myself. Kids are not the only ones who get to have fun.


Happy Belated Birthday to my mom. I know she had one of the best birthdays ever because all of her kids and grandkids were there to celebrate with her. Even if the grandkids attempted to remove any evidence of icing from the cake.

Also wanted to say good luck to Roger and Kim who are currently hiking inside the Grand Canyon. We can't wait to hear from you. I guess having kids DOES make you worry more because I'm a bit worried about the heat, their water supply, their heavy packs, etc. I will be very happy to hear from them in a few days!

The coolest thing in the world

I love Barbies. My best friend, Melissa, and I played Barbies almost daily for 6+ years. She always called first pick and got the best Barbie but I'm over it, I really am. We even secretly played one time after we were clearly out of the appropriate age for playing Barbies.

I was very excited when Lily first saw my old Barbies and her eyes got big and mouth dropped open. A good sign! Much to Randy's dismay (but to my mom's relief) a large plastic bin accompanied us home. Lily and I went through all my old Barbie dolls, clothes and accessories. It was so much fun and brought back memories of playing Barbies with Melissa. It was fun dressing up the dolls and the pretty dresses and combing their hair. Lily combined her love of Sleeping Beauty into the mix so my Barbie was the evil fairy that wasn't invited to the party. :)

Lily and Harrison

When Harrison isn't torturing his sister by messing with her reward chart (this morning)...

When Lily isn't annoying Harrison by standing thisclose when he clearly needs his personal space...

When Harrison doesn't grab Lily's blanket and bolt...

When Lily doesn't make that horrible grunting sound that clearly annoys Harrison...

When Harrison isn't pushing Lily for NO reason...

When Lily isn't horrified about the baby slobber on her cup...

They are buds. They laugh and chase each other around the circle in our house. Lily will tell Harrison to run after her and he will. Harrison will make a monster noise "raaahh" and Lily will scream in delight and run faster. Harrison, with a lot of cheering on, will 99% of the time, share with Lily. Lily will color pictures for Harrison, one of which was taped to his wall next to his crib. He will say "Lily" while pointing to it, which translates to my sister loves me and colored me a car picture which she knew I'd love.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Can you tell I decided to upload my videos all at once today?

When Lily was around 20 months old we joined a parent/toddler gymnastics class at a rec center in CO. We all had fun in the class but now Lily is ready for more "serious" gymnastics, which means she is old enough to do it alone, without mom and dad. She is doing great and listens to her teacher really well. She loves the stamps she gets on her hands and feet after class and after class she asks when she can go back.

Harrison is also doing gymnastics in the parent/toddler group. Randy and I take turns and both of us have been quite impressed with him! He listens pretty well and will stretch (which is so very cute to see him touch his toes and raise his arms in the air) and he's pretty darn good on the obstacle course. He likes to roll down the mats and hang from the bars. It's a very good outlet to use up some of his energy. Fortunately, his class is at the same time as Lily's so that makes gymnastics even better.

Life with a boy

There isn't a whole lot to add that isn't communicated in the video below. But I will say that raising a boy is MUCH different from raising a girl. Not just any girl, but Lily, who is one of the girliest girls around. Yesterday she commented "I don't like trains or fire trucks, I like princesses and ponies." Harrison, on the other hand, loves trains and fire trucks so much that we drive by both modes of transportation daily after pick up from daycare. Not only does he love "boy things" per Lily but he is WILD. Not wild in an out-of-control way (although that is debatable at times) but this kid has no fear. He falls, hits his head and keeps going. Occasionally he'll come to me for comfort but it's short lived before he doing the exact same thing that previously caused 10 seconds of tears. He's our crazy little man.

Sprinkler Time

Since I grew up in the Midwest I know what to expect from the summer. However, the weather for May and June threw me for a loop. It's been too cool to get out the sprinklers until last week. The heat...and humitidy have arrived. The kids are loving the sprinklers and I love how all the running wears them out. The last picture is pretty funny. Harrison learned how to aim the sprayer from Lily. Little did she know she would become the target.

Monday, June 15, 2009