Sunday, October 31, 2010

Random pics from summer and fall 2010

Water balloons and umbrellas. First is a weapon, second is a defensive shield.

Lily's first day of preschool (again). This is her 2nd year at a Montessori Preschool (ages 3-6). Same teacher, same class but now she's the big girl around campus.

Big sister is dropping Harrison off at his daycare. His recent photo ops have been pure goofiness. Lily picked out her outfit all by herself, right down to the Princess Aerial necklace and mismatched princess earrings.

The leaf pile. Lily was DETERMINED to make a leaf pile like last year. The problem was, or so thought by myself and Randy, there wasn't enough leaves YET. This shows the drive in a 4 year old...she worked so hard to gather leaves from all over the yard and she did it. She made herself a big ole leaf pile and thoroughly enjoyed jumping in it. Her brother enjoyed her hard work AND enjoyed playing in the leaf pile as well. (can't find that stinkin' pic of Harrison but it's really cute!)

Lily joined soccer this fall. Harrison joined too but only lasted 15 minutes into the first practice. It didn't help he's under the age limit (I was "assistant coach" so he could play with Lily's team) and it really didn't help there was a park 100 steps away. With a firetruck climbing structure. Lily gave it a try but it wasn't quite her cup of tea. Ballet on the other But I just love the pink soccer socks over the cute little shin guards. Call me a sucker.

My cousin Mikey got married in October. Here are some shots from the wedding reception. We had ourselves a mighty fine time.

I had to include this one since I made Lily's dress. I'd feel guilty NOT mentioning I had a decent amount of help from a sewing class so there it is. In addition to my cutie patooties my sweetie pie niece, Kelsey, has joined the goofy clan.

Randy and I never attended the homecoming parade in all the years we attended college here BUT with kids it's mandatory. And fun.