Thursday, October 08, 2009

Crazy hair day

Harrison's daycare is celebrating Iowa's Homecoming week with fun days...pajama day, silly sock day and


Thursday, October 01, 2009

Buddy Boy

Harrison, Harrison, Harrison Lee

Our boy doesn't want to be called "baby" anymore and tells us to call him "boy" or "buddy boy." Harrison started a new daycare a few weeks ago and switched from a very small in home (all older and younger girls) to a daycare center, which we call his "school". He's been counting to 10 and trying to sing the alphabet. He's also working on playing nice. Just yesterday, I noticed a little girl poking him and I know this would have irritated him. He did get irritated but he told her no and didn't use his hands or shout. Yay!! I was very proud of him! Harrison loves, loves, loves to watch movies, including his favorites Toy Story and Thomas and the Jet Engine. He loves to help me with baking and cleaning. He is starting to wipe away my kisses but mostly cuz he knows this will get a reaction out of me which leads to more and more kisses. He is still in his crib (knock on wood) and follows his same bed time routine nightly (loves to brush his teeth). He loves to hear stories about anything...I'll talk to him about our trip to San Diego, his new daycare, being a ring bearer, etc. Our daily story telling has replaced singing songs before bed. Now he'll snuggle with me in the dark and listen to my story.