Friday, January 30, 2009


Randy is back from Boston...another work trip. He was away for 4 nights which forces me to get creative to keep kids happy and entertained. One night I brought in a huge box left over from our move and the kids crawled in and out of it while I fixed dinner-score! Last night I brought in the playskool car (normally used in summer outdoors) and Harrison's new big wheel (definitely can't pedal it but likes to sit on it). Although they couldn't agree on who got to drive the car it still entertained them enough for me to get dinner and clean up. Lovely.

Last night Lily said to me "I'm going to dream about Cinderella, you dream about Poppa." And she must have dreamt about Cinderella because in the middle of the night she started shouting "Don't take my dress" and was pretty upset, still sleeping nonetheless, but calmed when I told her she could keep her dress on. :)

Harrison has mastered the word "No!" He copies his friend, Ella, from daycare and draws out the "Oooooooo." He also says in a deep voice so it's actually funny to hear. He's getting much better verbally but still using his signs. I think teaching him signs helped with his frustration at daycare...not having the verbal skills to communicate his distaste of someone taking his toy or invading his space. He is hitting now (so NOT okay!) but he is remorseful (when caught!) and will sign "sorry" and hug the victim.

When are finally getting our house in order. We're having a lot of company next weekend so that is our motivation. Joy, Bobby and the kids and Randy's folks along with our nephew Hunter will be visiting. It will be a house full of kids, from toddlers to teens, so never a dull moment I'm sure. Randy and I have painted 3 rooms (2 still need a 2nd coat), finally found curtains we liked (so missing my diverse home stores in CO!!), and now we need to find a dining room table and maybe a headboard/footboard for our bed. That's our plan for this weekend so fingers crossed we can find something!

Monday, January 26, 2009


We've been working with Harrison to say Lily's name for a few weeks now. He can say "Ella" which is his friend from daycare but couldn't get his "l's" together to say Lily. Now he can...

Here is Lily the ballerina...

Our little ballerina

Lily has been requesting to take a dance class for months now. Yesterday was her first ballet and tap class. She listened to her dance teacher, Loren, and followed along so well. We didn't participate like gymnastics but we could see through the glass doors. I'm sure the parents are distractions as noticed by quite a few of the girls running back and forth to their parents. Lily stayed by the teacher and one time she waved in our direction. She's such a big girl!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Trucks and Tractors

This boy loves tractors and trucks. We went to a book store and he screamed in sheer delight when he saw a truck book. Seriously he screamed.

This video is the 2nd time we saw the books. After briefly seeing the books for the first time and witnessing the screaming reaction, we had to take a little girl to the bathroom. I knew to have my camera ready when we went back to the books.

Day in the life

Riding the carousel.
Lily gets this reward after being good for the week. Being good usually means falling asleep by herself for nap and bedtime and taking baths without complaint. This was Harrison's first time riding...he was a little unsure of the whole situation.

Harrison styling Lily's hair. We frequently use the Spongebob chair as the barber chair when fixing hair in the mornings. Harrison loves to get his hair sprayed and combed but always messes it up right when I'm done. And smiles.

Travel pictures

Last week my conference was in Washington D.C. Randy met me downtown one evening and we did a brief driving tour followed by a visit to the Lincoln Memorial. There was a lot of construction going on to prep for inauguration. Actually the Lincoln Memorial was the stage for the pre inauguration concert.

Can you see him? His head is just barely visible.

Randy and Jenni and Abe

I love this picture with the sun setting on the Washington Monument.

Psst...he's that way.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Away from home

Randy and I both traveled east for work. We flew together but stayed separately due to my conference and his work, which was about 30 miles apart. My conference was in Washington D.C. and my hotel was in a great area...including a nice view of the Washington Monument. Randy was able to visit me one night and we took a car tour of the city. I've been here before during my junior year in high school, but my focus was boys and not necessarily the National Young Leaders Conference I was supposed to be focused on. :) It's Melissa's fault...she came with me. :) Just joking.

Now...I'm sitting in Randy's the Greenbelt...with nothing to do. But blog. Randy is working...I'm going to do some work soon because I have nothing else to do. I don't want to nap...I don't want to read my book...everything I say I'll do when I have free time I don't want to do. Why? I wish I knew!

I miss my kids. I've gotten to listen to Harrison breath and make a few noises on the phone twice and talked with Lily every day. The first few days it was a very quick conversation, usually something like this "hi momma, I played with grandma, bye!!" Last night we actually talked for 5 full minutes until she was in the middle of talking and become quiet...after 20 seconds I asked her if she was watching a movie and she said "yes." She's just like her father. :)

It's so different hearing Lily talk on the phone. Her voice sounds like a little girl. I've told her a few times over the past few months that I don't want her to grow up and she tells me she wants to. I guess I better blog more about the new things Lily and Harrison do each day so I will always remember them.

Tomorrow we get to see the kids. It was been the longest time away from them. They have been very happy staying with both grandparents which makes me feel good. I am beyond excited, though, to hold them in my arms and give them the biggest, tightest hug. I love you Lily and Harrison!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Christmas 2008

We had a lovely Christmas eve and day spent at our house. We opened one present Christmas Eve, which was pajamas for the whole family. We changed into our new pajamas, cuddled together, and Randy read the Night Before Christmas. Lily put out a plate of cookies and a glass of milk for Santa and carrots for the reindeer. The next morning, as we all walked down the stairs, she gasped as she looked at the Christmas tree and the wonderful gifts Santa brought us. We had a nice morning opening our gifts, playing with the new toys and games, and enjoying a nice breakfast. We later remembered to check the stockings and found more goodies to play with. It truly was a peaceful and enjoyable day.

The day after Christmas we travelled to visit both of our families. We had 2 more celebrations and the kids received more gifts then they knew what to do with. Unfortunately we all got hit with the stomach bug and the kids had the worst of it. Lily was sick every 3 days for over a week and Harrison's projectile vomiting only occurred once but he was still under the weather for a few more days.

We are now healthy (fingers crossed) and back to daycare and work. We had been home together as a family for 2 weeks and it was wonderful. It was hard at times to work with kids around but Randy and I tried to tag team when we could. It was nice to spend so much time with the kids and now that they are back in daycare it's been a little rough being away from them during the day. It definitely makes 4:30PM much more exciting when I leave to pick them up.

Photos from Christmas 2008...

Santa brought Lily a Show White dress and shoes (which she loved!)

Harrison got a remote control car which he loved and feared at the same time

I love the look on Harrison's face when he noticed Santa's cookies were gone...

It didn't take long for him to eat up the few crumbs Santa left behind.

Lily loves to take photos like her momma

Harrison had to make sure his toys were durable

Lily helping Harrison unwrap his presents

Playing with all the new toys

The family photo 2008