Monday, March 20, 2006

Just time for a quick post. I was late to work but totally not my fault. The first day of spring in Colorado is filled with slushy roads, blowing snow and bad, bad drivers. My normal bus trip is 25 minutes, today 60 minutes!

Big news! Lily is eating rice cereal! First feeding was Saturday. She did pretty good. Not much cereal probably reached her digestive tract since it was on her bib. She seemed to catch on or maybe Randy was a better feeder than I was. I started out while he took a picture of every spoon to mouth movement. Then we switched and I captured every 2.5 seconds of pictures/movies while he fed her. For whatever reason he can feed her better with a bottle and spoon. I give myself props for breastfeeding but that's it. I have fed a gazillion babies when I worked in the NICU so I know how it works but geez, feeding my own baby is more funny than nutrition filled.

I also went to my friend, Kris' scrap booking get together Saturday night. It was so much fun! I got quite a bit done with Lily's book. I haven't even started her birth yet but getting there! Thanks Kris for being the hostess and providing us with space, awesome creative memories equipment and chocolate covered strawberries!

Friday, March 17, 2006

I won! I won!

I won the leprechaun contest! It's prettier in person but here is the winner:

In case you're dying to know I won a $10 Starbucks card. It will buy me 2.8 marble mocha macchiatos. They're so yummy!

Drink green beer!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Erin Go Braugh! I tend to get pretty "into" St. Paddy's Day since my family is absolutely crazy! Don't want to call my family crazy so I will give a few examples and you can be the judge:

1.) My cousin dyed my dad's and grandpa's hair green.
2.) My family takes off work and goes to the bar at 8AM
3.) My brother made McGuire's (my maiden name) Tavern sweatshirts for the family. (yes, I am wearing it today)
4.) I am wearing green colored contacts.
5.) I got up early to dress Lily in her St. Patrick's Day attire so I could take pictures.
6.) I pinched Randy cuz he wasn't wearing green but was still dressed in his pjs.
7.) I pinched 2 people at work for not wearing green.
8.) I took part in my company's leprechaun decorating contest and enjoyed glittering up my leprechaun.

Okay some of the reasons indicate I may be the crazy one but I swear I get it from my family. And it's my duty to pass it on...

This may be a surprise but I did a whole St. Patrick's Day photo shoot. I included one pic above but if you want the link just email me. I just sent them to my family and to the Dillings since I know they are just as crazy about St. Patrick's Day!

Thanks to Lily's great grandma McGuire for the bib!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

We watch too many home decorating shows

Here are before shots:

Dining room before shots:

After many strenuous hours of hard work by me (I mean by my husband):

And dining room almost done shots:

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Our sweet baby has a new talent.

Spitting. Yep, she now is spitting and I'm slowing learning not to have my face so close to hers during these spastic arms/legs flailing spit filled moments. I never imagined seeing someone spit would be so much fun. I couldn't wait to tell Randy when he got home from class! I'm a proud momma what can I say!

To keep with my crazy baby theme for this post I have attached a funny picture. I named it rightfully so "Crazy Baby." I just put it on my desk today and it makes me laugh every time I look at it. Her hair is crazy, her eyes are so big and her mouth is opened like she wants to eat you.

As I was falling asleep last night I told myself to bring the camera to work so I could upload pictures of our floors. It was a good thought but for that to happen I would have to be relaxed and sane in the mornings to remember to pack the camera. I never have a calm weekday morning. I will try and post some pictures tonight. Ya know since I'm not busy at all with a 4 month old, a husband, 2 dogs that demand treats/water/outside/attention, a trip to home depot to pick out a kitchen faucet since the 50,000 we examined at Lowe's won't work, additional grocery shopping since I didn't get everything I needed at my Costco and SuperTarget stops last night and make lunches/dinners for the next week. Oh yeah since I will have plenty of time I need to do the laundry that has piled up to the ceiling. If anyone is betting, put your money on me going to Home Depot (since my hubby will enjoy that and we really do need a sink) and me watching American Idol and Real World-Key West. All the other fun things will still be there tomorrow. (I will let the dogs outside, get them water and a few treats as well as play with and feed Lily:)

Monday, March 13, 2006

This past weekend was filled with really hard work. Our new bamboo floors don't lay themselves! A lot of pieces needed to be cut to fit around corners just right. It was so hard and strenuous. Or at least that what it looked like! Lily and I shopped while Randy and his friends installed our new floors. I had it pretty rough. heehee. I am very lucky to have a husband that likes to do things around the house. And the icing on the cake is that he does an excellent job! Thanks baby!

Lily is a wonderful shopping assistant. She slept most of the time but when she was awake she was very happy. When she slept I kept the stroller and car seat covers over her to keep out the mall germs as much as possible. A sales lady asked to peek at her so I pulled back the cover and Lily flashed her an enormously sweet smile. The sales lady said it made her day.

Might sound a little strange but I was excited to feed Lily at the mall. Staci had told me about Nordstrom's nursing lounge and I wanted to see for myself. When I first entered I sat down in a really nice area with a few sofas. I was getting ready to change Lily when I noticed a sign indicating the nursing lounge was in another room. The designated nursing lounge had a sofa and 2 nice chairs and was out of the way of normal bathroom traffic. Plus there was a nice diaper changing area with a sink. It was everything I heard of and more. I never shop there since I don't have $100 to spend on a t-shirt but I will be back to feed my baby there. Hopefully they won't catch on to my secret. I do shop at Nordstrom Rack but don't know if that counts.

Lily's head control is getting better everyday. We decided to try out her walker chair thingy. Not sure what the appropriate name to call this thing is but she likes it. Thanks Grandma McG. for buying it!

We also can put her in the baby bjorn facing out. This is nice since she loves to see everyone. She is also getting a little too social when breastfeeding. She will be eating well, hear a voice and stop and look around for a few minutes. Then back to business until she hears another sound, stops and looks around again. Our feeding times are getting longer and longer.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

We got to meet Connor last weekend. He is so cute and very tiny. Lily is twice his size! It will be fun to see them grow up together, being so close in age. My mom has been planning Christmas 2006 since she found out she would have 2 grandbabies. The more I think of it I get excited too. Lily will be over a year and Connor will be 10 months. It will be fun to see them open presents and interact together.

We also visited with all of our family. Even my cousin, Erin, from OH was there. My in-laws live about 15 minutes from my parents so we get to see everyone. Most visits are crazy busy with us driving all over visiting as many family members and friends as possible in 2-3 days. But this visit was different in a very nice way. Everyone came to us! Thank you everyone! We still ran around a little, trying to get equal Lily time between the families but it was worth it. Lily did great on the drive to IA/SD. We left at 10PM and she woke up around her normal morning feeding time which was around Omaha. She ate, we stopped and changed her diaper, let her stretch, then she fussed for 10 minutes and went back to sleep. We planned to drive back to CO on Sunday but left Saturday night instead. Very happy we decided that. I imagine from now on our trips to visit family will be during the night. Sleepy baby is much better than fussy baby. Would you want to sit in a car seat for 9 hours? I wouldn't. I have also mastered the breast pump while traveling. Makes me even happier with our mini van purchase. Haha, I hear the mini van laughs out there. Just wait, I was laughing with you at one time. Mini vans ROCK!

Lily had her 4 month vaccinations yesterday. She was supposed to get them 2 weeks ago but was sick. She did great! I expected a repeat of her 2 month shots where she arched her back, looked directly in my face with that what are you doing to me look. Then was pretty fussy that night. Not this time! She cried for the 3rd and 4th shot but only for a minute. The rest of the night she was happy baby.

During our trip to SD I got to visit with my dear old friends, Kerry and Melissa. I'm not implying they are old in age rather old in terms of how long we have known each other. We can't recall when we first met. Pictures show us together as babies. We all lived on "Kid's Street" in our 500 person town. I have so many stories of the 3 of us that I could post daily for 20 years. Kerry has a 4 year old daughter, Karigan. Karigan is a mini-Kerry, same personality and little quirks. Karigan loved to hold and play with Lily and Lily enjoyed her too. Melissa also has a daughter, Gracie Mae, 7 months old. Gracie was very interested in Lily and Lily was very interested in Gracie's toys! We try to get together yearly for a girl weekend. The first trip was 2 years ago to MN. It was very memorable, at least I think!??! I clearly remember flying back to Denver with a major hang over, keeping the vomit bag close by. Poor Mel (heehee)was working that weekend with her dance studio. She had to wake up early and instruct her teams. Wouldn't have been that awful if we didn't stay up until 4AM drinking and acting like teens ourself. I think one day Mel had to coach at 7AM. Ouch. Last year we met at Kerry's house. We shopped a ton, had a spa day and hung out with Karigan. She introduced us to Free Willy, over and over again. What still blows my mind is that she still watches that movie! This year we will hang out with all of our girls, maybe get in a little shopping but no spa days or karoke bars. Can you see the progression as we get older? From wild drunken weekends to hanging with our kids. None of us would trade that for the world. Plus we always have our MN memories. Don't worry Mel, if you forget like you're known to do, Kerry and I will remind you. :)

I've decided to post pictures!! Yay!! As Staci says "A blog without pictures is one boring blog" or something like that. Probably shouldn't have used quotes, oh well.

I figure pictures like this will keep my readers interested!!!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Sorry for my blogging absence. Last week I was busy with a sick husband and caring for Lily since our babysitter's daughter was sick. I didn't work a lot. :) Plus we drove to IA/SD Wednesday night to visit our families until Sunday. We've been pretty busy!!

Regarding my blogging game, here are the answers:

1. I rode the tilt a whirl at Six Flags for 9 hours for a radio competition but didn't win the final prize. True and very proud of it. Randy also joined in the fun but was the first person off. :) He didn't throw up though. I did win 4 season passes but not the trip to California for the American Idol finals. Oh well!

2. I belong to the mile high club. True, very true. Enough said.

3. We secretly found out Lily's gender but never told anyone. FALSE!!! Our families would have disowned us. Plus I'm not good at keeping secrets.

4. My first car was a 2 toned yellow Ford Fairmont. True. I drove the 3 blocks to my high school and ran out of gas along the way at least once a week.

Thanks for those that played. I guess the right answer was pretty obvious. I still haven't told Melissa she read the rules wrong and that I really didn't know Lily was a girl! Oops. After my co worker, Kim, read it she demanded I tell her which one was false. I think she would have hyperventilated if I did know about Lily and didn't tell anyone. heehee.