Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Rambling blog ahead

This blog will help me catch up on the Lily updates, otherwise I don't have much to report. Lily is getting her top 2 teeth, 1 is still trying to come through the gums. This makes 4 teeth total. She is eating cheerios and veggie/fruit puffs. She is entertained for quite a while picking up each bite and putting it in her mouth. Her little pincer grip is quite developed. Day care is still going well. I was a little worried she wouldn't remember the day care provider and kids because she was not there all last week. No worries needed, she did great. Lily isn't crawling yet but she's close. She will tuck her knees under her and can lift up on her arms but hasn't put the 2 together. She does get places though. She can roll and roll and roll. It's scary to imagine that she will be mobile soon. It will be kind of nice at the same time since she is sooooo squirmy when holding her. She is antsy to get moving and not with any help from her parents.

Last night I held a teeny, tiny baby. Our friends delivered their new baby girl on the 4th of July. She is a whole pound less than what Lily was at birth. Now that I'm used to holding a 17 pound infant anything less would seem tiny. But this little girl was super cute with long legs and arms. I could have held her all day and not tired out. Can't say the same about holding Lily anymore. :)

A few posts ago I commented on the X-Men movie we saw. I said I would provide more movie critiques but forgot. Anyhow we did see the DaVinci Code and the Breakup. Both are definitely rent-able. Don't see the Breakup with any expectations and you might enjoy it more than I did. The DaVinci Code was way too long and the book is more entertaining. Plus Tom Hanks (normally I like him) didn't fit the main character for me. Harrison Ford would have been better. So save your money and go bowling or see Pirates of the Caribbean, which is our next movie to see.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Our summer vacation (if you can call it that)

was spent in the great states of Iowa and South Dakota. We had a very nice time with family and friends. We saw most everyone a few times but never, not once, went to see a movie. We giggled and joked about how many movies we would see since we would have plenty of babysitters. But no, not one movie did we see. We did have plenty of babysitters but once Lily was asleep we weren't too interested. Here is the low down of our trip:
Left Friday night at 8PM, arrived in IA around 6AM. This worked well since Lily slept the whole time. Both Randy and I shifted into driving mode and only stopped once for gas and to change drivers. Good CDs and caffeine helped. After napping Saturday and seeing the in-laws we spent the afternoon at my family's house. My bro, sis-in-law and baby nephew were visiting too. Lily and Connor hung out until we went to Randy's bro's BBQ. Sunday Randy played paintball while I hung out at my family's house and visited with my friends, Mel and Kerry, and their little girls at the pool. Sunday night was enjoyed at Grandma McGuire's house for the weekly dinner but also celebrated my cousin Courtney's b-day. Lots of b-days, right? Well Sunday was also my sis-in-law's and Kerry's b-day too! Geez, there must be frequent snowstorms in November or something. After Lily went to sleep we went to Roni's house, Kerry's moms, and played board games. We love board games! :)

Monday was busy with visiting my mom-in-law for breakfast, visiting with Brophy and his mom, hanging with Randy's family and then taking a family picture. The photographer was very good and patient (8 adults and 6 kids!!)and the pics turned out pretty good. We went to dinner that night for bro-in-laws b-day. Tuesday was the 4th and filled with hanging with in-laws during the morning then BBQ at my uncle's in the afternoon. We played the bean bag game and badminton, which was a lot of fun. Lily enjoyed watermelon and being rocked by her Grandma McGuire. She had a cute July 4th outfit. Pics to come, forgot camera at home today. :(
Tuesday night after Lily went to sleep we went to my aunt Sue/uncle John's house for fireworks and home made ice cream with Grandma McGuire's yummy chocolate sauce. I'm happy to report that Randy, my bro and cousins all survived the fireworks display in one piece, but did provide some good laughs when we thought they should be moving faster then they were.

Wednesday included breakfast with mom-in-law and some shopping. Wednesday night Randy played paintball while I hung out in J-town with my family. We went to the Whitehorse for all you can eat sweet corn. If you have never eaten SD sweet corn you have missed out. It's so good! Went back to IA until Thursday. I met my mom, Mel, her husband Josh and Gracie for lunch at Casa in J-town. Best Mexican food around! Lily was sleeping when we were supposed to go so she stayed with Randy and his family. Thursday night I dropped Lily off with my mom while I joined Randy's family to cheer on our nephew, Hunter, for his tee ball game. Back to IA until Friday morning when I spent the day with my mom and aunt Joleen. Lily hung with Randy and his family all day. We had dinner with Jim and Braden (randy's friends from high school) then hung with the in-laws until Lily went to sleep AND then left for CO.

Wow, that's quite a trip. It helps to write it out otherwise it all seems like a clouded memory. I probably missed some things here and there but you get the big picture. Maybe you understand why it's not exactly what I call a vacation. But I wouldn't choose a sunny beach over visiting family. But it would be a bonus to visit family on a sunny beach.