Friday, January 27, 2006


No work for 2 whole days!!! Our weekend plans should be fun. Mark is in town until Sunday so we need to show him a good time. Tonight we are going to explore downtown and find someplace new to eat dinner. I believe our friends Dave and Sara are coming too. Tomorrow we are going snow boarding. Randy and I will take turns since one of us will need to watch Lily. We did this once before and it worked out well.

We had another full night's rest! Lily slept from 9:30-5:45! I could hear around 4AM sucking on her fingers but she never woke up to eat. I really shouldn't make it sound like we are completely rested, don't need caffeine to survive the day or don't have bags under our eyes. We don't sleep the whole time and I still get up approximately 5 times to check on her. I figure if I can't hear her on the monitor something must be wrong. Nothing ever is wrong but that's how my mind works.

Last night she was quite giggly. Only around me which made me look like a liar when I try to recreate it for Randy and Mark and she just stared blankly at me. Honestly, she was laughing for 3 minutes straight. I was doing pretty goofy things and anyone would have laughed. It's hilarious what you will do to see your kiddo smile/laugh.

Randy just called me from the slopes, yes...he is snow boarding for the 2nd day in a row. Good for him, annoying for me since I have to work!! Anyhow, he wanted me to write that he is cool. So I just did.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Thursday, Jan. 26, 2006

Last night Lily slept through the night!! She has done this once or twice before but it's still so exciting. I just hope it becomes the norm! Our normal 9PM feeding was interrupted when our friends came over. Mark is visiting from out of town and Scott dropped him off at our house. It's quite funny seeing grown men get so excited over a baby. Normally we are bad influences on the women since they maternal and thoughts of baby enter their minds. But with Scott it's a different story! He loves to hold her and got a kick out of her smiles. He will be a dad before too long! Anyhow I finished feeding Lily around 10:15PM and she slept until 6AM! Which is perfect since we are trying to start her daily feedings at 6AM. It's easier waking up to a baby alarm than the annoying electronic alarm.
I was a little naughty this morning.:) Randy and Mark woke up early to go snowboarding and I was to drop Lily off at daycare which means I would be a little late to work. I decided to enjoy our morning and went into work later than I planned! It was so fun. She is sooooo happy in the mornings. There isn't anything you could do that wouldn't make her smile.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

This daycare thing is for the birds. This is my 2nd week back to work full time. My work will not allow me to work from home anymore. Boohoo. Sending Lily to daycare everyday doesn't just affect me...Randy has a hard time too. He called me after dropping her off this morning. He said it was difficult and I initially thought he meant getting himself and her ready, feeding and taking care of the animals, etc. He meant it was hard to leave her this morning because she was so alert and happy. She was staring at him when he had to leave. How sad is that? Thank goodness I don't have to drop her off in the morning or I would be a wreck. He also said that when he was getting ready this morning he could hear her moving around a little bit on the monitor but she never cried. When he went into to get her she was wide awake, just looking around. Of course when she saw him she was very smiley.
Last night I tried to bath her in the bathroom sink. I figured the sink would be deeper and she would be submerged in more water. It was interesting and I had to hold onto her in strange ways but she liked it. She even kicked her legs, splashing the water a few times.
For those of you that don't know Randy is teaching Astronomy 101 at a community college twice a week. All I can say if I had a professor that looked like him I would have been in love! Easy for me to say since I am in love but ya know what I mean. Not the usual professor look! He likes it and it's fun to see him get so excited. After his first class he was so hyper! He's taught plenty before for other professors but it's HIS first class.

Just a little request for everyone to keep my uncle John in their thoughts. He had surgery yesterday. Also happy birthday to my older bro yesterday!!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Lily's new discoveries

Our sweetie loves to suck on her hands and occasionally gets a thumb in her mouth. She now can hold her hands together. She is laughing about once a day, but when she gets laughing she will do it a few times. She is such a good little baby! She enjoys listening to her pops play piano and loves to look at herself in the mirror. She is sleeping pretty well, usually goes to bed after her 9PM feeding but still wakes up around 3-4AM. Occasionally she will sleep till 5-6AM but other times may wake up at 1AM and 3AM. Like last night! She is sleeping in her crib in her room! It was hard, probably harder on Randy to move her into her room. It's such a pretty room so it's nice to have her use it. She is rolling onto her shoulder a lot and a few times has rolled over completely. We think it might be accidental since she was laying on a slant. It's really fun to see her change, it's crazy how much different she is just from a month ago. Did I mention she smiles ALL the time?!!?

My first time blogging

I started this online journal after reading my friend Staci's blog. I love how she could share her stories with her friends and family. We don't live around the majority of our family so this will be a fun way to talk about our lives. Lily, our 3 month old, is changing so much. I don't know if I tell everyone all the fun things she is doing. This blog will let everyone know how fun she is and how fast she is growing. I will try and update it daily or as much as possible. I hope everyone enjoys it!!