Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Splish Splash

Lily likes her bath. I have tried about every possible method for bathing a baby. I've gone through 2 baby bath tubs (first without a incline, second with an incline), bathroom sink, kitchen sink, and last I purchased a ring thing that suctions to the sink/tub. I keep changing because nothing has satisfied me...until now!

It's a laundry basket! It's perfect! A co worker told me about it. I do put a sponge thing in the bottom that prevents her from moving around. It also keeps her toys within reach.

We traveled to SD last weekend. It was nice to see my family. My mom, aunt Joleen and Gram babysat Lily and her cousin Connor while we went to see X-Men with my bro and sis-in-law. Our first movie since Lily was born. We used to be quite the movie goers. Sometimes we saw 2 movies in one day. X-Men gets 2 thumbs up. Next on our list is The DiVinci Code and the Break Up. Stay tuned for more movie reviews.

I'm trying out this video feature. I'll see how it goes...

Thursday, May 18, 2006

A new goal...

The longest time in between posts. Sorry Y'all.

Lily is 2 days shy of 7 months. She is sitting up really well. Almost too well, if that's possible. I still put pillows around her since she never fell much. There was no in between stage of sitting with some falls to help her learn. We also tried a sippy cup which she loves. Not so much to drink the water but to chew on the silicone spout. Lily had her first outdoor swing experience last weekend. She enjoyed it so much it almost put her to sleep. For an adult it might sound boring since it almost put her to sleep but as a baby that means it works! Other than watching our baby grow before our eyes we have been slacking a little on home renovations (painting one room=a month long project with a baby), playing frisbee on Sundays and working during the week. Randy is crazy busy with building a rocket and I have been under typical stress at my job. Usually work stress remains in my work building but it's been following me home on occasion. My ideal situation, besides winning the $115 million lottery that I didn't buy tickets for last night, would be a work at home job. I will continue dreaming...

My "first" Mother's Day was lovely. Funny that my mom, in-laws and Randy all said Happy First Mother's Day and gave me presents since they did the same thing last year. No complaints here though! The difference with this year was that Lily also gave me a card and signed it with an outline of her hand. What an amazing 7 month old, goes shopping and uses a pen. :):) Thanks Randy, that was really sweet. Besides spending our lovely day outside playing frisbee we came home and took a nap. All 3 of us and it was at least a 2 hour nap. Sleep/cards/baby=a lovely "first" Mother's Day.

I threw in the towel, or camera in this situation. I took Lily to get professional pictures. It was an experience, let me tell you. First went to Walmart since they had a super cheap package deal. Walked in, first pic taken was cute. Long story short we had to keep that first pic or it would be forever gone. To add to the package since I have an enormously large family, and to take another pic in a different outfit, the costs continued to rise. So...I decided on a whim to do another round of pics at Kiddie Kandids. No Randy wasn't with us or this would have NEVER happened. Kiddie Kandids took some cute pics with props. The photographer was weird, asking why Lily wouldn't look at her. Duh, props all over and she barely whispered her name. I helped out by making noise and jumping around which would have made anyone laugh (at me).

Check these out...

Sorry for the weird photo layout. I can't figure out the picture blogger thing for the life of me.