Friday, July 31, 2009

You get another post because I'm not sleepy yet.

After seeing a commercial for Chuck E. Cheese Lily requested to go there. It was approximately 1 year later and thanks to our friends in Chicago for granting Lily her wish.

This occurs daily (cheesy smile and all)

Her hair was perfectly intertwined together into beautiful ringlets of curls all by themselves. She wasn't wearing a shirt so it was difficult to produce a full picture without providing her evidence in her teen years to hate me.

We definitely need a supply of boy dress up clothes. He opted against his normal dress up as Ariel for the bumble bee on a toasty July day. He mastered stinging every member of his family with a cute buzz while softly touching us with his pointer finger.

What kid doesn't enjoy putting on their parents' sunglasses?

Crazy summers=absent blogger

Dear devoted knucklesandwich readers (aka my mom, grandma and in-laws),
I'm going to ignore the fact I haven't posted in over a month and I hope you can too. :)

In current news:

Harrison had his first ER visit. Right after we arrived in Sioux City, he fell off a concrete step and landed right smack on his head. Randy was standing close enough to hear the thud which makes him cringe to recall. Harrison cried for a while and his 2 bumps kept getting bigger and bigger so we took him into the ER. The doctor was happy he didn't lose consciousness ( too)so didn't want to do any tests. Besides the huge owie on his head he was just fine.

Lily has been doing really well with her reward charts. We've gone through about 7 weeks of charts and still going strong. I guess the excitement of blindly digging into a bag of cheap toys is enough to keep up the good behavior and I'm not complaining! It took a few weeks to fill in all of her stars (that darn listening star was really hard to get 7 days straight) but her reward for a full chart was a date with mom and dad. Harrison stayed with a babysitter while Lily joined Randy and I for dinner. Since she ate earlier her "dinner" was an ice cream sundae. Following dinner she got to pick out a new toy which of course was a princess doll.

Our summer has been filled with trips to visit family in J-town and Sioux City, a trip to Chicago to visit friends over July 4th, 2 work trips for myself (CA and CO), and we leave for San Diego in 2 days for our family vacation. I'm extremely excited because I know Harrison will love the airplane (hopefully everyone else will love him too), Lily will love picking sea shells on the beach and Randy and I will love the memories we'll always have of our first summer family vacation. San Diego and Disneyland here we come!