Thursday, June 26, 2008

4 picture posts in 1 day!

Pjs and furry boots anyone?

First egg (yolk) taste...also used as a baby exfolliant.

Momma and her precious kiddos

I love Poppa, Noooo I love Poppa.

Harrison started doing the worm dance this morning but when I got the camera out he stopped (of course!). It was cute nonetheless!

Harrison standing, balancing and doing a little dance

Can you tell I cleared my camera?

Doggy pile

Lily tracing her hand with chalk.

Grandma visiting and babysitting all week.

Harrison's first sand experience and he liked it!

Lily knew what to do with the sand.

Pictures galore!

Poppa is so funny.

Kicking back on Father's Day 2008

Look Ma, I can hold my own bottle!

Bye, Bye Poppa. Poppa leaving for France. :(

I'm not getting into trouble, I swear!

Picture time!



I blew up Lily's old pool a few weeks ago and she couldn't fit in it anymore. She would try to lay down but her feet and head would hit both sides. So we upgraded to a new pool, with slides, hoops and rings.

Harrison was such a wild man trying to crawl out the pool so Randy took him inside. Obviously he wasn't done swimming yet...

Why isn't this juice isn't coming out???

Friday, June 20, 2008

Happy 10 months to our snuggle cuddle bug, wild man Harrison.

Friday, June 13, 2008


HAPPY FATHER'S DAY RANDY! You are the best father to our kids. They love you and it shows by their squeals when you walk in the door each evening. You respect the meaning of family and you unconsciously share in equal responsibilities with our family. You're the best husband, and I'm so happy I told a friend to tell you I thought you were cute 14 years ago.

First time poppa with newborn Lily

Old pro with newborn Harrison

You always know how to make her smile

Father son bonding

You always beam with pride when around your kids

Quiet time to snuggle with the boy

Hopefully your brains will be passed down to the kids

Randall Lee and Harrison Lee

This little girl knows how to melt her poppa

A great quality of yours is to make everything fun

You make your kids feel secure

You teach them your unique abilities

You cherish the "tinkerbell moments"

Your gorgeous kids are a true reflection of you

You share in the excitment of an elmo cake and candles

Your kids love you and you make their lives happy and safe. Wishing you a wonderful, relaxed, fun Father's Day. Thanks for being you. I love you baby.


To celebrate the other fathers we love...
Grandpa Mac (my dad) has 3 kids and 5 grandkids
Grandpa Mac with Lily

Grandpa Mac with Harrison

Grandpa Roger (Randy's dad) has 3 kids and 7 grandkids
Grandpa Roger and Lily

Jay has 2 kids, Connor(2 yrs) and Camren (6 months)
Jay, my older brother, with his son, Connor

Uncle Brian is step dad-to-be to Kelsey (7 years)
Uncle Brian with Lily

Uncle Brian with Harrison

Uncle Bobby is step dad to Payton (14 yrs), Kelsey (12 yrs), and Sydney (10 yrs)
Uncle Bobby with Harrison

Uncle Don has Hunter (7 yrs) and Alexandra (5 yrs)
Uncle Don and Lily

To satisfy you over the weekend

First biter biscuit experience...

The silent cry face...which cracks us up each time....

Lily and her new doll from Grandpa Roger and Grandma Kim (which she loves!)...