Wednesday, February 10, 2010


1.) No hitting
2.) No yelling (including momma)
3.) No spitting
4.) No peeing in undies
5.) Stay in time out
6.) Take turns with toys
7.) Clean up toys
8.) Listen to mom and dad
9.) Be nice and say nice things

I got the idea of a big poster of family rules from my neighbor/friend Shauna. The kids helped me create the rules and we have the poster hanging in the kitchen. The rules are hanging on the patio door and have been hidden by the curtains since it's cold and the curtains help keep drafts out. Apparently, having the rules hidden must mean they are not valid.

I would like to publicly apologize to the nurse that attempted to take my 2 yo son's temperature. I regret to say that he violated #3 and spit at the nurse. Thankfully it was more of a "sherbet" spit and no secretions went flying but still. I would also like to publicly apologize to my 2 yo son's swim instructor. He violated #2, #8 and #9 for the entire 15 minutes of his swim lesson.

We discipline with time outs and they mostly work (unless he violates #5 but then he's put right back on the time out mat [over and over if necessary]). He did apologize to both the nurse and swim instructor. In addition to discipline I keep hoping these behaviors improve as he ages/matures/learns to communicate better. But another mom just mentioned that age 3 was worse than age 2 for her son. Yikes! We could be in trouble here.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

A ball invitation

The ball is tonight. Every girl must be there. Even a princess. But the queen will come in the middle of the ball. Before you can kiss she will put a spell on the princess.

The End

Bringing the snow indoors

Dawn had a great idea to bring the snow indoors for the kids to play. Lily and Harrison had a blast and we found some raisins and old carrots to complete the world's smallest and cutest snowman ever.

Silly Lily

Fish, Part II

Lily's dear roommate fish, Sunny, has died. Unfortunately his time with us was too short but hopefully he's moved onto a happier place. Since Lily has talked about her school fish, whom also died, I thought she would be "okay" with Sunny's passing. I was wrong. She was...heartbroken. It was very hard to watch as her eyes filled with huge tears and her lips quivered. We held a small ceremony and Lily, speaking through a cracked voice, told Sunny how much she loved him.

Since having a fish seemed to make her transition to her own room go easier we decided to invest in a (hopefully) more robust and longer lasting fish, a beta. His name...Sunny Funny. A day later he assumed another part to his name...Sunny Funny Dunny. The girl likes to rhyme.

Monday, February 08, 2010

True Love

I love my kiddos. I love when they let me hold their hand. I love when they give me a really good hug (and I feel their body shaking they are squeezing so hard). I love feeling their chubby cheeks against mine. I love hearing "I love you mommy" whether it be in response or out of the blue. I love to see their faces brighten and their smiles widen when I come into the room. I love the excitement in their voice when they say "Mommy!"

Being a mommy to Lily and Harrison is the best job in the world. I have a lot to be thankful for. And I am. Very thankful.