Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Happy 1st Birthday to our baby boy, Harrison! He started out a 10 pound, 1 ounce big baby and has turned into a sweet boy with eyes that twinkle. He still gives big bear hugs and makes his sister laugh at his gaga googoos. He taunts me with saying "dada" ALL the time, even as I say "momma" he will say "dada" and laugh. He still loves the vacuum whether it's on or just sitting in the corner. He has become fond of Lily's white blanket (thankfully it's not one of her top 3 blankets) and snuggles with it when riding in the car. He also likes his cuddly monkey and frog. He started saying "truck" and "dog" this week but not nearly as clear as what I wrote but enough for his parents to know what he meant. He also started signing "more" and "eat." He will still stand and balance for a few seconds, sometimes takes 2-5 steps and then will fall into our arms.

We threw a small birthday party for him, including our friends Ted and Kristie. We had lasagna (which he loved) and then came the cake. He didn't hold back and enjoyed the frosting and enjoyed digging his hands in. We got him a ride on toy and he absolutely loved it. He also got a couple books and stuffed animal from his sister.