Friday, May 29, 2009

Pretty pictures from our yard

From the mouth of Harrison

Harrison has gotten used to my interview questions and will blink, meow, roar, go to sleep, cry, laugh, wink (or try to), sniff, etc. on command. I'm glad his meow has been captured because it makes me laugh every time.

Randy and Lily's wild ride

Last weekend we went to Lily and Harrison's first carnival. Harrison wasn't in the mood for much besides cotton candy and running wild. Lily, on the other hand, enjoyed a few rides, the crazy mirrored fun house and the slide ride with Randy.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Who's the police officer?

If you're being too loud, beware of the Lily police. If you're running around the house, beware of the Lily police. If you throw crumpled up wrapping paper, beware of the Lily police. Here is uncle Brian being TOLD by his 3-year-old niece. He didn't know the crumpled up wrapping paper law before it was too late.

After the Lily police issues her stern warning it usually leads to surprise laughter from everyone in the room which leads to Lily trying NOT to smile.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Free summer fun

I've never met a kid who hasn't LOVED a park and my kids are right in line with everyone else. If they could eat and sleep at a park they would be quite happy children. But the minute we say it's time to leave all hell breaks loose, tears start flowing, limbs start swinging. If only Starbucks would realize the potential of having a little coffee stand next to every play ground then we'd all be happy.

Sesame Street Live

Despite Randy being sick as a dog we went to Sesame Street Live a few weeks ago. Lily seemed to like it as evidenced by sitting quietly with an open mouth the entire show. Harrison liked it for the first 15 minutes as evidenced by sitting or standing quietly with an open mouth. Then he decided laying on the cement floor was way more fun. I walked around with him the rest of the show and he lasted until the it was over. We decided against going broke over expensive light sticks and elmo basketballs. Thankfully our kids are too young to realize they can't sucker their parents just yet.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Months of Mays Past

May 2006

May 2007

May 2008

May 2009

Mother's Day 2009

I had a wonderful Mother's Day. My darling husband woke up with both kids and let me sleep in while they made breakfast. They bought me breakfast in bed which became breakfast on the bedroom floor to avoid huge messes with kids. We hung out around the house and played before heading to a Fossil preserve about 5 minutes from our house. We "hiked" around the fossil preserve for a while before finding a playground for a picnic lunch. Lily did excellent when hiking and was independent with rock climbing compared to her little bro. This kid threw himself off a rock and was caught mid-air by his attentive father. Nice reflexes Randy.

Lily was very aware of Mother's Day and how it is a special day for moms. But every once in a while she'd wish me a "Happy Valentine's Day" which was pretty cute. The kids also gave me home made cards which will be kept forever.

Randy-props to you! He also bought me a wonderful card and helped give me a relaxing and fun day. I couldn't have asked for anything more.

Monday, May 11, 2009


Last weekend the kids helped me plant flowers. They enjoyed playing in the dirt and all the flowers were planted without too much mess. Although this type of activity isn't much fun without some mess. I also found a deal on a sand and water table from a second hand store. It proved to be a hit by entertaining these kiddos for a good hour.

The serious side of Harrison

Pretending to be napping

Eyes glazed over by the Sprout Channel (either Dragon Tales or Caillou)

Time to goof off

Typical weekend wear...ballgowns.

This picture is for Randy. He loves her little dimply hands. Our last reminder of our little baby girl.

Harrison's all smiles for momma

I could eat these cheeks over and over again.

Monday, May 04, 2009


Charles Bridge-statue lined bridge that connects Old Town to the Little Quarter and Prague Castle. Filled with tourists and people selling jewelry and paintings. The bridge was named after Charles IV, a Holy Roman Emperor (also on the 100 Kc bill) who ruled in the 14th century. Previous bridges were built on the same spot but washed away by floods. In 1342, Emperor Charles IV decided against repairing the old bridge and had a new bridge built (foundation laid in 1357). St. Vitus Cathedral is visible on the hill.

Statue in front of St. Vitus Cathedral.

Bridge Tower-Gothic gate from Charles Bridge into Little Quarter.

Czech leaders have ruled from Prague Castle for over a 1,000 years. Four main parts make up the Prague Castle (St. Vitus Cathedral, Old Royal Palace, Basilica of St. George and the Golden Lane).
This picture is of the castle (guards standing under "fighting giant" statues)where the Czech President has his office.

St. Vitus Cathedral-the best part of the Prague Castle if you ask me. It contains the tombs and relics of the most important local saints and kings, including the first 3 Habsburg Kings. The cathedral was started in 1344 but due to plagues and war wasn't finished until 1929.

Wenceslas Chapel-to the right is St. Wenceslas tomb and a locked door that contains the crown jewels. Czech kings used to be crowned in front of the coffin. The entire chapel is roped off because the wall paper is encrusted with precious and semi-precious jewels.

First view inside St. Vitus Cathedral.

Stained glass inside St. Vitus Cathedral.

More views of St. Vitus Cathedral.

Basilica and Convent of St. George-Prague's Romanesque Church. We didn't tour inside but the outside definitely had a simple look. I don't know how old it is but St. Wenceslas' grandmother was reburied there in 973. After seeing St. Vitus the Basilica of St. George was a little too simple. :)

I love the doors in Prague. This picture was taken after passing the Basilica of St. George and heading into the Golden Lane (which we didn't pay to walk down but it was a street lined with old buildings that used to house goldsmiths that now contains tourist shops).

View from top of Prague Castle

Another view from the top of Prague Castle. Especially handy when you are shooting arrows at the enemy.

Before we walked over Charles Bridge and roamed around Prague Castle we found a vegetarian restaurant, Lehka Hlava (Clear Head) that was tucked away on a cul-de-sac. Here is Randy posing for another door picture (this one is one of my favorite Prague pictures. It brings me back to that exact moment and the feeling...which was all good)

The ceiling was filled with little, sparkling lights.

Local artists designed the tables and decor.

This was the alley to get to the resturant. Not only do I love the doors but the tiny streets lined with neat, old buildings.

If you can believe it this was only 1 day of our vacation! More to follow at a later time!