Thursday, September 24, 2015

Henry, Oh Henry

My little buddy loves to collect things. Very random things. I knew when I cleaned out our mud room cubbies he would be in his element. Captured is Henry wearing his dad's helmet band, a headlamp, a hammer and a golfing tee. 
Not sure if these items speak more of his interesting fashion sense or of my exotic collection in my mud room cubbies. 

Thursday, September 03, 2015

Kids rule the world

Maybe not the world, but it's impressive when a 2 year old determines your day. May and I just dropped off Lily and Harrison at school and instead of going inside to tidy up the kitchen after breakfast we are sitting in my van. May's  favorite activity as of late is to play in my van. Pushing all the buttons, opening doors and appearing confused when the child safety lock prevents them from opening over and over. All the while I sit nearby slightly bored and knowing there are breakfast bowls needing to be rinsed and cereal needing to be swept off the floor. But at least now I can blog about it. Yeehaw!! 

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

First day of school (A week late!)

Lily 4th grade!!

Harrison 2nd grade!!

Preschool and turning the big 0-2

This momma was hit hard in one day by proof of babies growing up too fast. Henry was off to his first day of preschool AND May turned 2 years old. On the same day. Tears. 

Henry was my first stay at home baby.  Despite working from home for his first 1.5 yrs he never went to daycare. A college girl babysat him a few hours a week during my work from home stint. He got a lot of mom's attention!  Anyhow, I was worried about him and it was for nothing. He did great. Big smiles going and big smiles coming home. 

May's birthday was pretty low key. Grandma Kim and Grandpa Roger visited for her birthday which is always nice.  I made her some cupcakes and she was sung to about 100 times that day. So much she started singing it (as best she could).  She got some trucks, books and I'm going to decorate her bedroom since she never really got any decorations at all. Since birth. 😁 

Waiting for kids

I'm currently sitting in car pool line waiting for Lily and Harrison to get out of school. Usually I walk to their team door (Harrison's at least, can't be two places at once although that would be soooo nice) and walk home or to our car with them. But they are happy with the extra independence of meeting each other and walking the back trail to my car (where I wait with all the other parents).  And now I can blog while doing so!  

Not to exciting of a post but I'm over the moon to have the easy access of the app!  And can blog as easy as posting to facebook! 

First time blogging via app!

Monday, March 02, 2015

The hardest thing about not blogging for so long and actually keeps me from blogging, is that I have so much I need to write about.  It gets overwhelming.  But I will take a deep breathe, in through my nose, out through my mouth

Right now, Randy and I are in bed watching The Voice.  He's eating ice cream while I blog.  What I love about us is that we just laughed (I laughed until I cried) about something so silly...I was staring at him thinking about what I was going to blog and he caught me staring and was taken aback thinking I did something to his ice cream.  So that probably isn't funny to anyone else but we just cracked up for a few minutes.  So yeah...what was I saying?

This past weekend, Randy was pretty sick with a virus.  Like contagious (higher fever for 2+ days) and self quarantined himself to the basement.  This virus struck earlier in the week with May and hit Lily but not as hard.   It was a hard weekend with May being 18 months old (which I know because she was being such a pill for days-yes she was sick-but this went on for longer than her sickness, and because my kids don't hit age 2 and turn terrible, they like to hit that milestone early at 18 months!) and Randy being out sick.  But it's Monday and we all survived and Randy is better!  He's even eating ice cream. Haha.

Henry received his birthday present from Grandma Sherry in the mail.  A brand new scooter.  He's pretty excited.  So is the 18 month old.  Can't wait until she tries riding it outside on the sloped driveway.  Uh huh.

Lily is the homework champ.  She has until every Friday to complete a 1 page worksheet and practice her spelling words but she does them immediately after school on Monday.  Since I am a HUGE procrastinator, I am in awe.

After school, Harrison read me his literacy library books, did his homework and tried out a new math website on the "big computer." And before May's bedtime I planned to read a few Dr. Suess books since it's Dr. Suess week, but Harrison requested to read them.  Yay!!  Love his interest in reading.  He's really improved this year and went up a few levels just from December.  Happy! Happy!  Happy!

And now, we have a quiet house.  Everyone is asleep.  Maybe not Lily.  She likes to read for a very long time before bed.  Sometimes I feel like I should make her stop reading to get to sleep but that seems wrong.  Occasionally if shes reading an really great book she'll come into my room and have to tell us about it.  Then we might suggest she get to bed and continue reading tomorrow.  But again, love when my kids love to read.

So I'm outta here.  Hope to blog again soon!!