Thursday, December 05, 2013

Friday, November 01, 2013

Happy Halloween

I know we're missing a baby but I can't manage to upload a photo from my phone.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

My new camera is AMAZING! Take a peek and see for yourself...

A strong man with his little beauty

Don't tell Henry this is what happens after he's in bed

Daddy and May time

Sweet daddy  kisses for baby May

May May, 6 weeks old!

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

May Picture!!

Quick picture of Miss May!!  I got a new camera so I have many more!  I'll upload more when I don't need to choose sleep over blogging. :)

Saturday, September 28, 2013

May (AKA Hannah) is a whole month old today

Four weeks today!  Little Miss May is 4 whole weeks old.  As Henry says "Wwwwhhhhaaaaatttt, nooooooo????"  She is getting chubby cheeks and she is stretching out her legs.  She is opening her little fists more often.  She still holds in her legs, tucked under her butt, when I pick her up.  I need to capture that on video...I find it soooo precious.  A week ago, she was watching me while I was talking to her and she SMILED.  A few times.  Then she did it for Randy (who thought I was making it up) and she had another smiling session the next morning for all the kids to witness.  She melts Harrison's heart because he always says "Awwww" anytime she makes a cute face.

For the past 4 weeks, Henry has called his new sister "Hannah."  Prior to May's arrival we practiced taking care of a baby doll that Henry named "Hannah."  It was very sweet since his occasional babysitter this past summer was named Hannah.  But when he visited the hospital after May was born and when we introduced her as May, he said "No, Hannah."  He has called her Hannah ever since.  I try to correct him and he stands firm.  So firm, occasionally I have called her Hannah!  Well, at least he loves his "Hannah" and is frequently doting on her.  Maybe too frequently. :)

Harrison's missing tooth

Harrison lost his first tooth!  His tooth has been "loose" for approximately 2 years (or so he thought!).  It had been pretty loose for about a week before it actually came out.  He said it hurt so he didn't work on it as much right away.  Finally one day it was hanging on by a thread.  I offered to yank it but he wouldn't let me.   While we were all watching tv one night he called out "MOM!  It's out!" I knew immediately what he meant and I ran over to him to see him holding a tiny, little tooth.  He didn't like the blood but he was soooo happy and excited.  The tooth fairy delivered him three sparkly dollars.  He immediately spent the money on legos.

Friday, September 13, 2013

I'm here, really here!

Hi!  I was enjoying a few quiet moments after Randy took Lily and Harrison to school, Henry was watching his tv show and May is sucking her pacifier while in her swing, moments before shes due to eat again.  Oh wait, you might be asking Who's May?'s quite unbelievable the major life event that has happened since before I last blogged!  But everyone that reads my blog already knows about our new little bundle of joy, May Violet.  Since my few extra moments were really spent trying to get into my blog (they tend to change settings more frequently than I blog) I don't have long.  But I will leave you with 2 fun pictures...