Monday, July 28, 2008

Lily and Harrison, both 11-ish months

The boy loves to eat.

Swing batter batter swing

Lily's favorite flower

Harrison monkeying around

Oiled up and ready for the pool

Playing together before hitting the pool

Big girl, big sister

Bluest mouth ever

Box bedtime

Harrison handing out rocks

Pretending to be cousin Syd while playing soccer

Soccer break to pose for a cute picture

Lily puts her sunglasses on her head like I do. Here she is studying the photo album I left for her.
Sorry but I'm chuckling because I seriously thought it had been about 10-14 days since I last posted. Time flies when you're not blogging!

A lot has been happening here. Preparing to move has been our top priority. Randy and I took our first trip together away from the kids to house hunt. The first day didn't ended in some frustration over the lack of housing possibilities but on the
2nd day we found it, our dream house. It's funny because it's decked out in 1980's decor but we saw past that and we really saw the full potential of this house. The land (1.5 acres) and trees that surrounded the property helped seal the deal. This is definitely an Iowa house and not something we would have ever been able to buy in Colorado unless we won the lottery. We can vision the kids riding their bikes up the long driveway and Randy can't wait to build a huge tree house (he even talked about a zip line or something crazy like that). I envision a pool in the future but I'll have to win Randy over big time with that. This house does come with a hot tub which is foreign to us. It will get used when people come to visit so make sure you all bring your swim suits.

Kiddo update--

Harrison is now 11 months old. He has 2 bottom teeth, one top tooth about 1/2 way through and now another bottom one just starting to poke through. When he gets crabby we look in his mouth and know why. He also started frowning a few weeks ago, mostly when we would tell him "no" but one day I picked him up from daycare and our daycare provider mentioned he was a wild man and he immediately frowned at her. It was funny that he knew what she was saying. Harrison will let go and stand alone for a few seconds. He gets a big smile on his face like he is so proud. The morning we left for Iowa City he took 2 steps (in front of Randy and the in-laws so I have proof!), it was more like a fall into my arms but his little feet tried! Yesterday we were playing on the front lawn and he crawled over to Lily's doll stroller and next thing Randy and I knew he had taken a few steps while pushing the stroller down a small hill. It happened so fast but it looked like he ran across the yard. I guess you had to be there to know what I'm talking about. Harrison is starting to communicate with us by handing something to us and saying "um." He likes to hand things (rocks, food) to us. He still loves his binkie and I don't foresee a binkie less near future. It probably has saved him from lead poisoning or at least from eating plants, rocks, grass, etc. so we aren't in a big rush to say goodbye to it yet. Harrison is waving goodbye and just started blowing kisses.

Lily is growing into a little girl. Her 3 favorite games are playing baby, puppy, or doctor. She loves her play dough but will incorporate playing baby with it so we make a bottle out of play dough and she pretends to drink it. She loves the pool but is pretty hesitant about going past the step. We took her to a kid's play zone on Saturday that had a big bouncy castle and it took Randy a great deal of encouragement to get her into the empty castle and then to touch the far wall. She did it and was very proud of herself but immediately got out and wanted nothing more to do with it. When we were in Iowa City we talked to her on the phone every day. I was so surprised that she sounded like a little girl and not my baby. I left her a photo album that included pictures of Randy and I with her. She loved looking at the pictures and would study each picture. I heard she even slept with the album the first night. I made one for Harrison too but there were a couple pages torn out (I knew he would try to eat it). :) Lily knows we are moving to Iowa and that she is going to have a new house and new friends. I worry (of course I'm a mom) mostly about switching day cares and how she will react. She is a very shy kid around new people. If only I could talk my current daycare provider to moving with us!