Sunday, May 06, 2012

Monthly posts are pretty good, right? I usually avoid blogging since I feel like I'm way behind on what I SHOULD be blogging about (that probably only makes complete sense to me). I have decided to blog about whatever and be okay with it. If I forget to blog about Lily's 4th tooth that fell out (haha, killed 2 birds with 1 stone there!) or Henry's new sound effect, I need to be okay with it and keep on going. My best friend, Kerry, recently told me that doing things good enough is okay. I don't have to do things perfectly or even great, if I do them good enough, than I should be happy. So I'm gonna, darn it. This weekend was mellow and that's how I like it. Friday night was our typical kid's movie night. Lily and Harrison get to pick out a kid movie, eat some ice cream (Lily's favorite) or popcorn (Harrison's pick this week) and stay up a little bit later than school nights. I also hosted a girl get together where some scrapbooked, some organized their cookbooks and some did other pinterest-like projects. Girl time is always a necessity. I worked on Harrison's scrapbook and only finished 2 pages but that was 2 more than I had already done. See. Good enough. Saturday was a traditional day celebrated in Korea, Children's Day. Besides the fabulous food Randy's mom makes, we haven't experienced much of the Korea culture. A few weeks ago I was searching for Korean crafts and games for Harrison's International Festival at his preschool. I came across Children's Day and decided we needed to start celebrating it. It's basically a day to spoil your kids. In Korea the children get the day off school, get presents from their parents and also get treated at stores and kid places throughout Korea. We did buy the kids a present but otherwise just telling them it was Children's Day was enough. Lily and Harrison LOVED it. They even used it against us! One time I asked Harrison to do something and he said it was Children's Day and he didn't have to. I can't remember what it was but I know it wasn't bad. It made me laugh and I quickly followed it up with reminding him tomorrow wasn't. :) The rest of the day included pancakes for breakfast (Harrison and Henry's favorite), trip to "Safe Day" which is fire trucks, ambulances, buses, etc for the kids to explore, trip to a Asian market to stock up on tasty treats, a family water fight (thanks to the Darth Vader mask I won until Randy and Harrison broke out the hose), side walk painting and ended with dinner at a Korean resturant. We also talked a lot about what it means to be part Korean. Lily drew a pretty picture about Korea. At the end of the night she said she was happy to be part "Korea." Today was filled with cleaning (kids even helped a decent amount), playing outside, I took Lily and Henry on a bike ride (them in trailer) while Harrison napped (rare), swim lessons (they are getting good!!), Randy got a jog in, Henry napped twice, met up with closet organizer lady at our new house (still being built), baths for older kids and an uneventful bedtime. I will post about the new house sometime soon!!