Friday, February 29, 2008

The tooth fairy delivered a tooth

Harrison got his first tooth last night. It's a sharp little booger and on the bottom.

Exiciting time in our household...his first tooth!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

I could eat him up

Try not to laugh at this

Last night we were having fun during dinner. A few times lately Lily will get laughing so hard she's crying. Of course I'm acting absolutely ridiculous and last evening I was "bumping into the walls" which resulted in deep down belly laughter.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What were you doing 6 months ago?

I was pushing a 10lb. 1oz. baby boy out into this world.

Happy 6 months to my snuggle, cuddle bug, Harrison.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Catching up

Lily: "Momma, guess what?"

Momma: "What, Lily?"

Lily: "Momma, guess what?"

Momma: "What, Lily?"

Lily: "Momma, guess what?"

This can go on and on.

Lily is very into her friends lately. As I was dropping her off at daycare I saw a little boy going into daycare at the same time. I told Lily she could walk with Brayden to which she replied "I love Brayden." Saturday night we hosted a get together and Heather brought her daughter who is a year or so older than Lily. They ran throughout the house and Lily would call her "my fwend Manda."

A huge gain of independence has hit our house...Lily can open doors. It's a whole new story now. We used to shut her bedroom door because of the humidifer and the dogs but now she can (and does!) open the door preventing bedtime from happening by about 15 minutes each night. It's a fun game for her and she frequently will open and close doors, just because she can.

Lily has also been coming into our bed during the night. I'm not sure how long this will continue on the parents side but I do have to say she is very snuggly. As a baby we were very strict with her sleeping in her bed. She was so used to her own crib that when we needed her to sleep with us a few times she tossed and turned and played and hardly slept (as did her parents). Now she is used to it, will open her door, walk into our room calling out for momma or poppa and we pull her into bed. She snuggles right in between us and last night I woke up twice to her arm on my shoulder. I loved it. But...she also rotates 180 degrees and sometimes I wake up to a nice kick in the face.

Harrison is almost sitting on his own. He will sit up for 10-15 minutes without falling over but I can't leave his side just yet. When laying on a blanket he has the amazing ability to move from one side of the blanket to the other in the blink of an eye. He is a very happy baby and loves his big sister. He watches her every move. The other day I was carrying Harrison up the stairs and Lily was walking in front of us. For some reason he cracked up every time we all moved up one step. Harrison has become more vocal in the past few weeks. He will be "talking" in the car and Lily will laugh and talk back.

Harrison has been eating like we a champ. So far he has tried carrots, sweet potatos, squash, and peas. He hasn't yet met a food he hasn't liked.

Lily's recent adventure has been climbing. She will use her step stool and climb up the bar stools and sit on top of the kitchen island. She will push her step stool up to the high chair (we got out of storage for Harrison but big sister took it back over) and climb right in. This morning she bounced out of bed as Randy and I took our sweet time waking up. Lily went to brush her teeth but called out "I need help!" She climbed up the sink, turned on the faucet but couldn't get back down...her belly was stuck on the sink.

Harrison is sleeping pretty darn good. He is ready for bed between 7:30-8:00 PM. He does require 1-3 binkie replacements and might wake to eat around 4AM but it's much better than what it was. Last night he didn't wake to eat until 5:45AM but Randy did have to do binkie duty around 4AM when Harrison was probably expecting to eat.

Yesterday was an unusual day. Daycare was open and Randy worked but I didn't! I do have some feelings of guilt for not spending the day with the kids but I took a "mom mental health day." I used last year's Mother's Day gift certificate and got my nails done. I ran some errands and took a nap. It was very nice. Last night Lily noticed my toes and proclaimed "Pretty nails momma!" and then I showed her my fingernails and she said "Wow, pretty paint!" It's natural I tell ya!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

22 Minutes of Fame

Happy Valentine's Day!

Do you have Valentine's plans? If not, spend it with my family!

Watch us tonight on HGTV's Carter Can.
• February 14, 2008 8:30 PM ET/PT
• February 15, 2008 12:30 AM ET/PT
• February 23, 2008 11:30 AM ET/PT

Blog world meets real world.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Picture Update

Randy laughs about this but I love when my babies play with their feet. It's too cute.

Good thing Harrison can hold his own when it comes to his big sister. Soon they will assume opposite roles and Lily will be crying for him to get off her as he's laughing away (and probably farting, being a boy and all).

Yummy carrots. He loves them so much we have to trick him with oatmeal before we give him carrots or else. Lack of clean bibs mean holiday bibs are put to use on "normal" days.

John Deere girl. Lily learning to drive at the Stock Show.

Harrison hanging (literally hanging) with momma by the rabbit exhibit.

Lily checking out the animals from afar.

It's cute to see her on her tippy toes, such independence those tippy toes bring.

Someday Randy and Lily will fight over who gets to mow the lawn. When we have a lawn big enough to require a John Deere mower. Actually I can see Randy using it on our lawn now and mowing all the neighbor's lawns too. He does that with his new snow blower, he goes up and down the sidewalks helping out the neighbors. He thinks its fun.

Lily's Look-alike Meter

MyHeritage: Family trees - Genealogy - Celebrities - Collage - Morph

Harrison's Look-alike Meter

MyHeritage: Look-alike Meter - Free genealogy websites - Old pictures

Thingy Thursday

Crazyhipblogmamas "Thingy Thursday" --- what thingy can you not live without!

Harrison-pacifier. Never leave the house without it. Life saver.

Lily-blankie. Never leave a a room in the house without it. Life saver. Tear reducer.

Randy-chocolate milk. Seriously. First he did say his family---sweet.

Jenni-Harrison or my breastpump. :)

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

"If I had an entire weekend to myself I would”

I would sleep. I would sleep in. I would nap. I would go to bed early and sleep all night uninterrupted.

I would curl up with a super comfortable blanket and nice pillow.

I would scrapbook. I need to catch up on Lily's and start Harrison's.

I would see a girlie movie.

I would shop. I love to browse but lately I'm on a time frame so I run around like mad.

I would get a massage from the denver school of massage therapy. Randy and I did this frequently before kids. Unfortunately you have to arrive early on the weekend to get in (first come first serve for $12.50 hour long massages)and that isn't an option anymore.

I would end the night renting another girlie movie and drinking some wine. And painting my nails. And taking a heavenly bubble bath.

The question came from crazy hip blog mamas. What would you all do with an entire weekend alone?

Life with milk allergies

Go to the store for milk

Spend $20 on 5 half gallon milks (soy milk, lactaid, soy chocolate milk, etc.)

I don't mind the money but hauling those milks around is a pain.

Colorado's caucus

Per Heather's request...

I have never been to a caucus before last night. It wasn't what I was expecting. It took place in a local middle school gymnasium. The precincts were separated by tables. After I found my precinct table I signed in and chatted with the precinct captains. The doors closed at 7PM, no one in and no one out. We filled out a "straw poll" which basically said which candidate you were leaning towards. Then we separated into Obama and Clinton groups (oh yeah, I was at a Democratic caucus), nominated a speaker, and had 2 minutes to prepare a speech to the other group to persuade them to vote for our candidate. After each group gave their speeches we again voted, the final vote. I don't think anyone changed from their straw poll vote but I guess that is what the caucus is about.

Thankfully we had a nice guy take the speaker role and everyone participated in voicing their opinion to why they were voting for the candidate. What turned me off was the fluffy stuff like "Candidate X is for change, or Candidate Y gives me hope." I'm sorry but when we are trying to persuade someone to vote I would like to hear real, concrete facts. So not only did I vote to get my "voice" heard but I became a democratic delegate to help persuade others with specific examples. The delegate role is very basic and I'll attend a day long gathering to support my candidate and educate others. Didn't think of me as a delegate, right? Neither did I.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008